Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wolf Eyes

Eleven years after the wedding...

Four pregnancies, gaining fifty to sixty pounds each time.

Enough stretchmarks caused by the pregnancies to wrap around the moon twice.

Still have an extra twenty to thirty pounds to lose.

Wrinkles are forming and hair is turning from blonde to who-knows-what.Bum is sagging.

Upper arms flap when I wave "Hello!"

And my husband still looks at me like this:

That man is so good for my self-esteem!! Haha! ;)

Four children to wear me down each day and cause major bags under my eyes.


Beth said...

Aren't our men great??

Glad all is well with you! We have the ward Christmas party tonight, and a houseguest overnight as well, so I'm scurrying around cooking, cleaning and trying to keep Grace and Sam from killing eachother! And, I admit, loving 95% of it!

Laurie said...

HAHA!!! Oh, you make me laugh!!

I think husbands are oblivious to the fact that we've changed so dramatically since our wedding nights!

Julie Moore said...

It feels great, huh? Of course, I meant the husband gawking--not the bags under the eyes, the saggy bum, the wrinkles, the flabby arms, etc. I've been noticing all those interesting changes with my own body. Of course, the big, prego tummy doesn't enhance my feelings of self-worth either!! BUT--It's the price we pay for motherhood--right?? I think God will bless us with barbie-doll figures in heaven--yes? WHO KNOWS--but it's sure fun to dream about!! :-) Love ya tons! Thanks for stoppin' onto our family web-site so often. It really means a lot!! Jules