Thursday, December 18, 2008

Volume Control

My baby loves to "drive" my van. He finds great pleasure in steering and playing with the various dials, pedals, and controls. We started our move to a new city on Halloween. While I was busy loading the van, I let my sweet BabyCakes drive. Driving kept him happy and content and out of my way.

(This picture is from when we were stuck on the Beeline for three hours. But that is another story...)

I didn't notice until much, much later that the volume control knob was missing. Sad part is that while I was loading the van I found the knob...I just didn't know what it was. I thought Hubby would know. So, not wanting to lose it, I stuck it somewhere safe and out of the way. Well, after a night of trick or treating followed by a hectic day of moving the rest of the way to our new home, I have no idea where that little knob is!

I thought it would turn up after we unloaded and unpacked everything. No such luck. I'm assuming it got thrown away with Halloween candy wrappers. We've just dealt with it. Until this week. I was out on errands with all the kids and saw a GM parts store. I pulled in and we all went inside to see if they had a knob. I was informed that they had sold the last knob the day before, but were expecting more knobs tomorrow. The parts man printed off the part number for me, which also included the price. $15.98 for a little knob! $17.32 with tax!!

Sheesh! I thought it would only be a few dollars. Expensive little knob! When Hubby returned home that night, he suggested I search online for a cheaper part. I tried. The GMC site did not pull up my part number. I was told that it didn't exist. Humph! I found another GM part site. They had it listed for $6.04. YES! I knew it should only cost a few dollars. That dumb GM parts store, trying to stick it to me! Making me pay almost three times the amount it's worth! Well, I showed them! I found the part for only six dollars and four cents. Ha!

Then I clicked buy it. Then the shipping and handling was added. Then the price went from $6.04 to $18.99, with a note that said "7-10 days, M-F, before orders ship. Special order parts (which mine was according to their site) may exceed estimated shipping time." WHAT?!?! So I end up paying MORE?!?!?! AND you're not going to even ship it until basically two weeks from today?!?!

Next morning, I loaded my kids in the van and we drove back to the GM parts store. And I got my part for $17.32 and they handed it to me the second I paid. Sorry I spoke badly of you GM parts store. You are really very nice and not trying to cheat me at all. Thank you for my little knob. It makes changing the volume much easier.


the MomBabe said...

It's always the stupid things like that that cost the most.

John, Lisa and family said...

Oh, Sarah, I LOVE this story! That shipping and handling can really get you, can't it?? This is one of those stories I could see published in the Reader's Digest or something~! Many people could relate! (We have a built-in microwave oven, that is probably 13 years old now, but still works great...except that the handle broke off about a year and a half ago. We have to use our fingers to pry it open from the bottom. I'm too cheap to spend $70 for a new handle! I figure that once we can no longer pry it open, it's time for a new microwave altogether, right?) Anyhow, good story!

Laurie said...

Boy, great storytelling sure runs in your family!!