Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa Conversation

My three older kids came to me the other morning. And this is what they said:

5-yr old son: (giggling) I know that Santa's not re-eal.

Me: How do you know that? (wanting to see where the little boy was heading with his declaration)

Son: Cause Dad told me.

Dad: (shakes head in complete denial)

7-yr old daughter: Well, I know that he was real but then he died. And now other people pretend to be Santa so we can get toys and you are the elves.

almost 9-yr old daughter: (talking over her sister) Mo-om. You told us! Not Dad!

Son: (still giggling) Mom! YOU'RE Santa! (giggles more and more and more)

The kids then walked off talking about what Mom and Dad could possibly have gotten them for Christmas.

A mere two hours later the following conversation occurred...

7 yr daughter: (said in complete horror!) Mom, how is Santa going to bring us presents since we don't have a chimney?

Son: (totally concerned) Oh no! We're not going to get presents!
7-yr daughter: I know! We'll leave the back door unlocked for him.

Then they both sigh in relief.

And I am left wondering...Didn't you both just decide that I am Santa? Why would I need a chimney or an unlocked door? I live here! Silly Kids!!


the MomBabe said...

I still can't believe you told them he was DEAD.

MY children wanted to sleep in front of the fireplace tonight and catch him!

Christina said...

Hilarious! Have a Merry Christmas!

Laurie said...

Hahahaha!!!! That's just funny!! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

John, Lisa and family said...

Boy, those Santa conversations can really cause you to sweat! (at least me!) I love that they "chose" to forget the previous conversation. We've got 6 kids, and only 1 left who doesn't know the whole story. We're hanging on as long as we can! Hope you had a great Christmas!

Tina said...

Funny kids...and really cute!

I hope you all had a great Christmas...:)

Nancy Face said...

That is just HILARIOUS! :D

So is MomBabe's comment! :D

The Jennings said...

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Julie Moore said...

Crazy--we had the same conversations! I think once they finally figure it all out--they stay in denial for a few months or something. It's hard to understand how their minds work, huh? How are you doing? It's so great to hear all the fun things that happen with your family :-). Lots of love. Julie Moore