Friday, October 14, 2011


I haven't been able to upload any pictures to my blog for a while. It has been quite annoying. I think I've got the problem fixed now. It just required me to switch from internet explorer to google chrome. So now that it is working, I am going to post a ton of pictures that I've been saving. Starting with Baby Jim!

This kid is really testing my baby-proofing skills. One day during the summer, my neighbor rang my bell to return the boy to me. She told me he was standing by our mailbox, waving to her as she drove past. Key word = DROVE!  She quickly stopped her car, scooped him up, and returned him to his befuddled mother. Sheesh. I figured that one of the kids must have forgotten to lock the front door. I admonished everyone to remember to lock the door!

Then a few days later I saw this.  I took this picture on July 22, 2011. Baby Jim just shy of being fifteen months. Can you believe it?! I sure couldn't. The little rat was jiggling the locks and actually managed to undo one before I caught him. For heaven's sake! I obviously cannot go to the bathroom anymore. Or blink. :S