Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Exciting Afternoon

We had an exciting afternoon! At 12:20 pm there was a knock at my door. I have no family in town that would drop by. I wasn't expecting anyone. I figured it must be a neighbor or salesman. The boys and I raced to the door to greet our visitor. It was a flower delivery truck! A woman tried to hand me a floral centerpiece. I asked who the flowers were for? Did she have the right address?

SHE DID!! Someone sent me flowers. For a brief instant I thought maybe my Hubby had sent me flowers. It's not like him. The delivery woman quickly shot down that idea when she informed me that they were for Mr. & Mrs. Silly Sarah. I asked who they were from. She didn't know. She said the card would say. I HAVE A CARD TOO?!?!?! I was so excited!! I hurriedly signed for the flowers and brought them inside for a closer look.

Aren't they beautiful!!!

And here's what the card said:

Can you believe it? I CAN'T!! "W" has sent flowers before I've even had him in my home or cooked for him!! BEFORE! Aaaah!

A little background info: My Hubby invited two coworkers for dinner tonight. He recently purchased a new grill and has been itching to try it out. Actually, he got it on Black Friday at Walmart...smoking deal. He wanted to break it in, so invited W & Z over for hamburgers and all the fixins and sides he could think of. The Hubby bought all the groceries for the meal this morning and he was going to do all the cooking tonight. My only job was to make sure the kitchen stayed clean (he'd done the dishes last night) and to please pick up the front room. Whatever, I thought. That's an easy job. So I was kind of putting it off. When I got these flowers I went nuts!

I started deep-cleaning the kitchen. I plowed through the front room, put everything away, plus swept and vacuumed. Then I cleaned the hall bathroom, picked up the kids' rooms, cleaned the toy room, started laundry, and swept under our two kitchen tables.

I am not a diligent housecleaner. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But receiving flowers. Wow. Who knew that flowers could be such a motivator. Certainly not me...probably because I was never sent flowers before. My Hubby assures me that he has sent flowers to me at least once since we've been married. Umm. Hate to break it to you sweetie. But one set of flowers in eleven years...not exactly cutting it. Anyways, I always have a hard time getting motivated to do housework. Turns out all I need is some fresh flowers and a nice note. How simple is that!!!

After I got the house cleaned up, I remembered that Hubby had asked me to make a dessert. Yeah. Sorry Hubby, but I wasn't planning on doing that. I was just going to make your friends eat the vanilla ice cream that was left-over from root beer floats last week. But when I got the flowers I MADE BROWNIES. My preschool son was very excited by everything going on and had to take my picture. He is much shorter than me and the angle makes my head look too small for my body. Ignore the disproportions.

He also took a picture of himself, since he was helping make brownies and clean. Haha! He was only helping because I bribed him with a cookie. He didn't care about the flowers. But I cared enough for both of us. I like this picture because you can really see how beautiful his eyes are. Gorgeous Brown!

At 2:30 pm another knock on my door. I had no idea who it could be this time. I ran to the door. It was the girls! Home early from school. I still haven't gotten used to this whole Wednesday Early Dismissal thing. It completely messes with my brain! I wasn't expecting the girls until close to 4:00 pm. I showed them the flowers. I had also put a white table cloth and some Christmas salt and peper shakers on the table. The girls, being girls, truly appreciated the beauty. I milked it and got about 20 minutes of good work out of them. The house looked great. Everything was ready. I debated prepping the vegetable toppers for the hamburgers, but didn't have the space in the refrigerator.
Not wanting the house to get messed up, I opened up the garage and let the kids play out front. We had a blast. Until my now seven-year-old daughter crashed her bike trying to do tricks. Yikes! She skinned both elbows, one knee, and her chin. Her buddy down the street walked her home. Such a nice boy!

Poor little girl. Especially considering yesterday was her birthday. :(

She didn't need any stitches. Her chin looks bad, but it's not a deep cut. It's just a major abrasion. Funny thing is she was more worried about whether her friends would laugh at her tomorrow then whether her face would heal and quit hurting. It's not a vain thing. It's a friend thing. She's tried very hard to make friends this past month. And she doesn't want to lose her friends because she got hurt. I assured her that real friends wouldn't laugh at her and would still play with her. She's not sure her schoolmates are real friends yet. Cross your fingers that they are! We know for sure that the neighbor boy is true blue. Let's hope her schoolmates are too!


Laurie said...

WOW! Who gives flowers for a dinner?? Crazy. Seriously crazy. But really cool for you!!

And yeah, that picture about made me throw up! :S It looks a lot like Hannah's did when she fell on the way to church a while back, though. Ouch!!

You definitely win the Most Exciting Afternoon Award!!

Julie Moore said...

Grattitude goes a long way doesn't it?? It's amazing what we're driven to accomplish when we're just thanked, huh? I'm so glad you got flowers!! How did the dinner go?? So fun. Great story!