Monday, December 22, 2008

Three Reports...

My reports from the last week...

1. Pigeon Battle Report: The pigeons sneakily returned to our front porch. The silly things thought they could hide out on the other post and I wouldn't notice them. They even hid on the side of the post that you can't see from the driveway and is partially hidden by a tall tree. Sorry little pigeons. You are smart, but I am a little smarter. Maybe... The pigeons didn't return until nighttime. I called for my son to help me get rid of them. His job is to turn on the water while I aim the firehose nozzle at the pigeons. It was dark, but I had the porch light on so I could see to aim. I should mention, at this point, that I don't think pigeons can see very well in the dark. As soon as the water hit the pigeons, those birds scrambled to get of the post. It being dark and them not being able to see very well, they bomb-dived off the post and directly toward my HEAD!!! Aaaah!! I dove to the ground, backwards, to avoid the assault. The pigeons missed me and flew off to a neighbors and my son burst into laughter. Thanks for the concern buddy! ;)

2. Church Report: Hubby and I are in our the ward choir. Sunday we had our Christmas program. It was so much fun! My parents and two sisters came to town to visit and they sat with our kids during the program. Oh! And I played the piano for Sacrament--as a sub. I really love music. Singing, playing the piano, or any other instrument. I'm so grateful that my hubby and kids share that trait. :) Also, on Sunday we were sustained in Church callings. Hubby will be a Ward Missionary. I will be the Ward Bulletin person and a Nursery Worker for one hour. I have to admit, nursery was not a top-choice for me. I've worked in primary for so many years and nursery is often a sure-fire way of being exiled in a ward. Seriously! It all depends on the primary presidency and Bishopric. Fortuantely for me, ours are Great!! And their are four ladies who work the nursery in teams of two. Each team covers one hour and they switch the hours each week. So one week my partner and I will cover first hour of nursery, then go to Relief Society while the other team covers the second hour of nursery. The following week, we'll switch and I'll get to attend Sunday School. Hooray!!!

I'm really glad that I'll be able to attend Sunday School and Relief Society. Here's a funny story...Back when I was Primary President and had been in primary, in one calling or another, for many years, I was preparing a sharing time lesson. I was trying to teach a very basic gospel principle. As I was getting my stuff together, I completely could NOT remember what my scriptural basis was or if there was one for that matter. I asked Hubby if what I was teaching was actual gospel or just something I had made up. He laughed and told me which scripture confirmed the principle and assured me that I wasn't just making stuff up. Ey-yi-yi!

Anyways, I'm glad that I'll be in nursery. I've subbed in there once and met several of the little ones. They are darling kiddos. I've already started thinking about different activities that I can do with the little ones. After all, hanging out with a bunch of toddlers every Sunday is sure to be a Blast!! :)

3. House Report: I really like this house! It's not my favorite style. My favorite style is a Ranch House. But it is four bedroom, two bath, and has a nice big kitchen and a space for a dining room and family room. Hooray! We finally got all of the couches we ordered. They are nice big fluffy couches. So comfortable! And anyone who knows me knows that I'm all about being comfortable. Haha! Now I just have to figure out what color to paint my living/family room and kitchen and dining areas. I want to paint them a really rich and bold color, but it can't be too dark. I want something light and airy too. Ummm. I think those are contradictory statements. Oh well. I'll just keep looking. A wonderful gal in my ward lent me her True Value Color Collection. It has every color that True Value makes. The collection makes it much easier to pick a color, because I can see right off the bat if it will clash with the pink tile in my house. That's right...I said PINK Tile! Ugh!!! But I'm too cheap and too lazy to pull it out. I'm just working on loving it. Haha!! It actually is growing on me. Anyhoo, if you have any suggestions on colors to paint either room, please let me know.

And that is the end of my reports.


Christina said...

1.I love the pigeon story! It's painted quite a funny image in my head.
2.I just got out of nursery by moving to a new ward and think that is a WONDERFUL idea to only have you in there for an hour. Two hours was completely exhausting for me and then I had to go home and take care of my own four.
3. I painted my dining room a deep, brickish red. I love red in the dining room. I think it adds a nice formality. Just my two cents anyway. Good luck--picking the colors is the funnest part!

Tina said...

Okay, now I have read a little more of your nursery thought process. Still love your attitude!

Sorry about your pigeon battle. We have done trial and error on that one for years.