Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Today is my sweet Annes's birthday. She is officially Seven! Oh such heaven to be lucky seven. :)

We celebrated throughout the day. We started with her favorite foods for breakfast...Cream of Wheat and Egg Nog. Don't gag Lauren. My dear girl loves it. She was so excited because I had bought the Nog special for her. She felt so loved. :)

During breakfast she opened cards and presents. Money from the grandparents and a soccerball from us. She was super excited. She had asked "Santa" for a soccerball. I totally beat that old man to the punch. No fat old man is going to steal my thunder! Haha!

In the afternoon the boys and I took cupcakes to her class. Her classmates sang Happpy Birthday to her. So nice. When she got home from school I had a fruit platter with fresh pineapple, strawberries, apple slices, and grapes waiting. And some yummy (and expensive) Dannon yogurt. Her grin was so big! She was really feeling the love then.

After snacks, and a few minutes of cleaning, we headed to the park to test her new soccerball. The best part of the day was when, on arriving home and telling her that we were going to have pepperoni pizza for dinner-per her request, she sighed and said, "This is the best birthday I ever had. You did everything I love today, just to make it special." Then she gave me a big hug.

Moments like that make me very happy to be a Mom.

Happy Birthday My Dear Girl!!!


Laurie said...

How fun!!!!

I LOVE eggnog!!! I even had some eggnog-flavored Golden Spoon the other day! :D

Lauren said...

Well I only allow the Egg nog, because she likes it. If not, I would have had to call CPS.

Sarah, this blog is so funny. I looooove it!

Oh, and I love that you called me a goober on my blog. I busted up laughing. Soooo great!

Hey, go to sitemeter.com and get a site meter for your blog. It will tell you when someone is looking at your site, where they are from and how long they have been looking.

John, Lisa and family said...

She's joined the 7 club with Carla! You are right...it is heaven to be seven! No worries, no stress. Happy Birthday!