Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Did you know that Nursery has a brand-new manual???

It just came out this summer. I received one of the new manuals on Sunday after I was called to work in the nursery. I put it on my piano when I got home from church where it stayed until tonight. I've been reading through the introduction and have to tell you...I.AM.BLOWN.AWAY!! It is completely geared toward little ones!

I know, I know. The old one was geared toward little ones too, but not like this. The new manual spells out everything a nursery worker needs to know about little ones. For example: Remember the nursery worker who insisted that the little ones all sit in their chairs and listen intently to her lesson. Well, the new manual expressly points out that some children will not want to sit and to not force them. I know that sounds pretty common sense, but lets face it...not every person had common sense when it comes to little ones. I'm even guilty of it! There are times with my own baby boy that I forget that he is just a little one and still learning.

They even include a list of potential problems and possible solutions. I love it!!! It is completely geared toward making the child comfortable in nursery. And the Lessons! The Lessons!!! They are so perfect! I am so excited to be in Nursery! And after reading the manual, I'm actually a little disappointed that I'll only be in there for an hour each week. Crazy!! Haha! :)


Laurie said...

Yeah I know!! I'm totally using it for Family Home Evening!

Tina said...

How nice to hear some enthusiasm about a nursery calling! (That is often not the case, you know.)

Sabra said...

You'll be surprised how many times you get to spend the entire two hours in there!

I think nursery is a great calling. Where else can you eat snacks, sing fun songs, and sit on the floor and play during church?!

Thank you for accepting the call.

Julie Moore said...

I had to give a introductory talk in our Stake Conference training meeting about this manual. IT'S AWESOME!! I was so grateful for the "upgrade"--so much better than the one we've been using.