Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pictures of the Birthday-Girl

Here are the pictures of my Birthday-girl, per the Grandma's request. :)

Anyone who knows, or has known, my sweet daughter knows that she does not stay still for long. She is active, active, active! There is always something to be done, something to explore, something to learn. I love that about her...except when I'm trying to take her picture. I figured I would just go with it this year. Here are the results:

Closed-Mouth Smile Showing off her Soccerball

Shoulders as Earrings, but nice smile

Are you talking to Me??? You wanna rumble?

Do you want to see my tonsils?

You don't want to see my tonsils! Ggrrr!

Great Smile with Head tilt. Oh well, I can always rotate and crop it. ;)


Laurie said...

I think it's cute with the head tilt! :)

Ellsworth said...

they are very nice pictures. true to life