Sunday, December 14, 2008

Play Me A Song Dear Piano Man!

I received an early Christmas Present last week. My Hubby arranged for my piano to get a tuning. Hooray! A previous Piano Man had told me years ago that my floorboards (?) would need to be replaced because they were so old and falling apart. The floorboards affected my pedals, rendering one of them useless. This Piano Man said he didn't know what the other guy was talking about. The pedals weren't working because the pegs had come loose. He popped them back in place in Five Seconds!!! Oh yeah!

He took great care with this old piano. It belonged to Hubby's Grandma previously. She gave it to Hubby before she died, but told him he couldn't actually take it until she had officially kicked it. Until then, he had to sing to her whenever she asked. Haha! It makes me think of the old saying, "Sing for your supper." Hubby sang for a piano. And I'm SO grateful to have it in my home. ;)

The Piano Man fixing and tuning our piano.

My boys were so excited to see the Piano Man take the piano apart. They watched almost every second of it. It really is a wonderful thing to see a piano's insides. Such a beautiful instrument!!


Laurie said...

Ah, that's so cool!!! I wish we had a real piano! We have a digital one, which is perfectly fine! But there's nothing like that real piano sound, after being freshly tuned! :)

Christina said...

What a great surprise to find out it was such a simple fix. It seems like too often it's the other way around, something seems simple and turns out complicated and expensive.