Wednesday, March 16, 2011

February in Review

For such a little month, February was sure jam-packed with adventures, projects, and excitement! From start to finish, all 28 days, our family was busy, busy, busy. So what did we do?? Too much to record here!

But here are some of the highlights:
  • Hubby and I became the proud pseudo-parents to three gorgeous sisters. Miss L is 17, Miss J is 15, and Miss A is 13. This is a long-term placement. I couldn't have asked for nicer girls to join my family. I think I'll call them the "Sisters Three".
  • Elementary School Pictures for Joe, Anne, and Rose.
  • Doctor appointments, counselling appointments, court hearings, etc. for the Sisters Three.
  • Awards Banquet for Miss A. Hubby took her. They both got all dressed up and Hubby treated it like a Daddy-Daughter Date. Miss A beamed the whole time. She was so happy.
  • 4-H Meetings and Projects. Fair is just around the corner!
  • Favorite Foods Contest for Joe, Anne, and Rose.
  • Hubby completed the TV Bookcase that I designed.
  • Trimming trees, digging water holes, planting a garden.
  • 5K Fun Walk! All Blue family members participated.
  • New church calling for Hubby.
  • My Masters of Education program hits full swing. I've spent countless hours reading about methods, techniques, theories. And countless hours writing up lesson plans according to this instructor's criteria or that instructor's. It will be nice when I only have to use one format.
  • Teaching loads of songs to the Primary kids. I'm still loving this calling.
  • New Glasses for Rose, Miss A, and Miss J.
  • Dentist appointments for all Blue family members. Rose and Joe both earned $10 for having no cavities. Poor Anne and Cakes were tortured as punishment for having cavities. Hopefully, everyone involved has learned their lessons and will respond to the negative/positive reinforcers in the future.
  • Rose attends Masters Class for Trombone. Very informative class.
  • More court hearings for the Sisters Three.
  • Hubby, Rose, Anne, and Joe got to Disneyland and California Adventure! Remember back in September that I won a four-pack of 2-day passes? Well, they have officially been put to good use. Hubby thought we all should go. I absolutely did not want to though! Fortunately, I had common sense and frugality on my side and got to stay home. Just so we're clear on this, I am not a ride kind of person. I am a great person to take to Disneyland with you if you are planning on taking your kids. I will be happy to stay by the strollers or hold babies while you go on crazy, vomit-inducing rides. I will wave and smile. It really made more sense for me to just stay home. And I had a lovely time. :)  Cakes, Jim, and I took the Sisters Three out for dinner and then to see "I am Number Four". FUN!!
  • Allergy Shots begun and Caveman Diet concluded. The results of the Diet:
    • I am not allergic to Oats. Hooray!
    • I am not allergic to Eggs.
    • I am allergic to Milk in large quantities. One glass is alright. Or one bowl of creamy soup. But no more.
    • I am allergic to Cheese. My allergist thinks it's the mold of the cheese that is the problem. I'm okay with a teeny, weeny, little bit.
    • I am not allergic to Corn. But am allergic to Popcorn. How does that even work???
    • I am not allergic to Wheat...kind of. I'm alright in low quantities, but my body doesn't like to process to much at a time. Weird!
    • I am allergic to Yeast. A lot. So I'm pretty much avoiding that. Except that I love bread.  :(
    • I am not allergic to Soy.
    • I am allergic to Walnuts and Pecans. But I already knew that. Still, it was nice to test those out again. I haven't eaten either of those in years! My kids were excited to watch me test the nuts...Until my throat started itching and my eyes started watering, then it wasn't so fun to watch me.
    • I am allergic to Apples, but only certain kinds. I can pretty much tell just by sniffing them if I'll be alright eating them.
    • I am allergic to Carrots. But I already knew that too! Carrots are one of those weird things that I am allergic to in Raw form, but can eat when cooked.
And that's about it. Factor in parental visits for the Sisters Three, chauffeuring kiddos to and from various appointments & school activities, and rocking the Baby Jim to sleep in the afternoons and you can see why I haven't posted in a while. :)