Sunday, April 17, 2011

Church Happenings

I just got home from church five minutes ago. I had a wonderful time at church. The services were uplifting, the music beautiful. I spoke to many people that I haven't had a chance to talk to in several months. I led the music in Primary and spoke to the children and the leaders there. When the meetings ended, I took my time exiting, stopping to talk with a few more people.

This is all wonderful because an hour before church began, my head was KILLING! Allergies had attacked Hubby and I. Our sinuses ached, our heads throbbed. So we both took a couple Excedrin an hour before church, praying that the medicine would kick in soon. Hubby's started working after only thirty minutes. Mine took a little longer. In the meantime, I could feel my blood sugar dropping. Not wanting to add that mess of symptoms to my already pounding head, I grabbed a cookie...a Pecan Sandie to be exact. To be safe, I ate a second. My blood sugar stabilized just as the Excedrin kicked in. I felt great all through the block of church. I had been blessed and I was grateful.

And then I got home. And I went to the bathroom. Then I washed my hands. And as I washed my hands, I happened to look up into the mirror. And do you know what I saw??? A little piece of pecan stuck at the gum line in between my two top front teeth. Do you hear what I am saying?!?!?!  There was a piece of food in my teeth during the entire church block. A dark brown piece of food. A very OBVIOUS piece of food. And no one said anything to me!!!

Aaaaah!!  I am so ticked. I am so embarrassed!

I don't know if people just didn't see it? But I don't see how they couldn't! So did they see it and just felt too embarrassed themselves to say anything to me? Or maybe they just didn't really look at me when we were talking? I just don't know.


All I do know is that it is a good thing I am not a teenager anymore. If I was, I would probably die right now from embarrassment and never attend church again.

As it is, I am mature enough to not die AND to still go to church again next week. I'm even mature enough to keep talking to the people who didn't tell me that there was gunk in my teeth without wishing them bodily harm. Haha!  I am so glad I'm not a teenager anymore.

Lesson from today, Triple-check your teeth before leaving the safety of your home. ;)