Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lost and Finally Decided!

Lost was again cRazY last night!!!

Charles Widmore saves John and gives him the new identity. Did anyone see that coming? Anyone? Widmore might not be the bad guy that Ben has painted him to be? Since the show I have been wracking my brain to remember what we know about Widmore. Yes, we know that he was a jerk to Desmond, but let's face it, at the time Desmond really wasn't a great catch for Penny. But other than that everything we've learned about Widmore has come from Ben. Now I've always doubted Ben. That's just part of his character. He's a creepy little guy. You think he's just a little nerd, then he goes all crAzY and kills everybody in sight! But then he'd do something to get back in our good graces.

However, after last night, I have finally decided...I do NOT like Ben. I do NOT trust him. And I don't care if he turns out to be the ultimate savior at the end of this series. I STILL will NOT like him! Crazy little BEN! I can't believe that he actually killed John! Again! After stopping his suicide and telling him how special he was. Maybe it's because I was super tired while watching this episode, but I completely did NOT see that coming! I mean...WOW!

Of course, he killed John before. And has killed multiple others, but I thought he was doing what Jacob wanted. That there was some higher purpose. But now I know that I was wrong. Sorry that I am so slow on the uptake. I thought that Ben was the island leader. I am doubting that now too. Remember when Jacob said "Help Me"? If Widmore was the leader then got tricked out by Ben, Ben could have just assumed leadership and told everyone that Jacob had given him the power. No one questions Jacob.

Oh My!!!

Fortunately, John is no longer dead. And he is standing over Ben's bed. Now, I don't want John to kill Ben, but I do want him to do...something! I don't know what. Just something. Aaaaah!

Now Jack trusts Ben. Sun, Sayid, Hurley and Kate do not. I hope everyone else can convince Jack to jump ship, but I'm worried that he will end up convincing them to trust Ben. And then they will all die. And I will cry and probably throw something at the TV. :(

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Academy Award

WOW! I just finished watching the Academy Awards and I have to tell you...That was the best one I've seen in many years! Hugh Jackman was a great host. I especially loved all the musical numbers. The numbers from Slumdog Millionaire were the best. If you missed it, check around tomorrow on YouTube. I'm sure someone will have a copy up soon. It was a Bollywood number! They had women dressed in Indian dresses dancing so beautifully. I LOVED IT! That type of dance is just amazing to watch. It is beautiful and athletic at the same time. That combination is hard to pull off. But these women did. :)

I loved that there were no awkward jokes followed by awkward silence. The comedians usually do a good job, but it often felt like they were trying to hard (with the exception of Bob Hope and Whoopi Goldberg-seriously! that woman can do anything!). And I loved the way that the awards for Best Actor & Actress and the Best Supporting Actor & Actress were given. Five previous winners introduced each nominee and gave a few remarks about their performance. For example, in the Best Actress Category Sophia Lauren introduced Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine introduced Anne Hathaway. The actors and actresses that they got to do this were amazing! Usually the Oscars focus so much on the current people. It was nice to see some of the older ones remembered and cheered!!

The Previous Winners who participated were:

Angelica Houston
Whoopi Goldberg (love her!)
Goldi Hawn
Tilda Swinton
Eva Marie
Shirely MacLaine (love her!)
Marion Cotillard
Halle Berry
Nicole Kidman
Sophia Lauren
Joel Grey (love him!)
Robert DeNiro
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Adrien Brody
Christopher Walken
Michael Douglas
Alan Arkin
Kevin Kline (love him!)
Anthony Hopkins
Ben Kingsley

In case you're wondering, the "love him/her!" notices are on the people who have starred in MUSICALS! Haha! As Hugh Jackman proclaimed tonight, "The Musical is BACK!"

To which I answer, AMEN and Hallelujah! ;)

AND nobody bad-mouthed the President this time. How amazing is that! For, I don't know, about eight years someone's always had something bad to say about our President or some joke made at his expense. Well! Hollywood has turned over a new leaf. There is finally some respect for the Office of the President! Haha! I hope it will last. ;)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lost and Scared...

To anyone who watched LOST last night... (spoilers below!)

How many questions were you left with? Personally, I have several:

1. Did Ben just kill Penny??? Seriously! He was all bloody and beaten up and standing on a PIER! We all know that Desmond took his wife and child with him and that they live on a boat. Do you think Ben tried to kill little Charlie too? Is Desmond still alive? Aaaah!! That Scottish man was one of my favorite characters. I have a little hope for Des though. Afterall, Dan's Mom told him the island wasn't done with him yet...

2. Where is Aaron?? Kate would never have given him up without a fight. Unless, did she take him to his Grandma? Or did Ben win and get custody of Aaron? If he did, then why wasn't Aaron on the plane? Oh baby Aaron! I hope you're alright!

3. Sun just walked away from her baby...Really?? That just doesn't sound like her character. I assume the little one will be safe but don't you think Jin is going to be ticked to learn that his wife just left their daughter? I think he will be.

4. Is Hurley seeing more ghosts? He knew to be on the plane because "someone" told him. And what exactly was he told? Meanwhile, I love that he purchased all the extra seats. He has so much compassion.

5. What happened to Sayid's goatie? Who is that lady accompanying him to the plane? I'd ask why he was in handcuffs, but come on! We all know that Sayid has killed many people. I assume the cuffs are related to the murders. But why is he being taken to Guam? Did he kill someone there?

6. Who else made it back to the island? Ben? Sun? Captain Frank? I know John did because of the previews for next week. But that leaves another question...Who is that new guy? The one that said "Sorry for your loss" to Jack in the ticket line. Lost never highlights someone for no reason. And we got two good shots of that man's face.

And I think that is all of my questions. This season sure has been fun to watch. And I am SO glad that it is moving along more quickly. That third season was just about as bad as a Soap Opera. I almost stopped watching. I sure am glad that I stuck with it. And I can hardly wait until next week!!! Can You??

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pay It Forward

One of my gal pals from the Great State of Kansas is going to send me a Hand-Made Gift!! Isn't that exciting! But...she has put conditions on it. The condition is that I have to pay it forward. That's great news for YOU!

Here's how it works...The first THREE people who leave a comment on this post will receive a Hand-Made Gift from me. And if you've been following this blog, you know that I can make some pretty great stuff. Boy! That sounds conceited. But you know it's true. Haha! ;)

What the hand-made gift is will be a surprise as well as When it will be delivered. Oooo! A mysterious package coming to you at some unknown time. Doesn't that sound exciting!

Now, the Pay It Forward idea is that YOU will then post this idea on your blog and send hand-made gifts to your first three commentors. Of course, you all know that I'm not a fan of chain letters. So if you chose not to send gifts, no worries. I'll still send YOU one. IF you are one of the first Three to comment.




Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Update

I had an interesting weekend and thought I would share a few details with you. And I'm going to use pictures to illustrate my points and fun headings. Hooray!!

"They're NAKED Mom!"
No. We were not in a museum looking at David. (I used this picture because I didn't think it appropriate to post pictures of what we actually saw.) We were at a restaurant. A restaurant that had been highly recommended to us as a place to take our family. A restaurant that my hubby had been to previously. (BTW, I have mentioned how unobservant my hubby is...Right??)

Looking back the fact that "Casino" was part of the restaurant's name should have been a clue. But this Gambling Momma did not know when to walk away nor when to run. Anyhoo, what with four kids to get situated and settled into seats, it wasn't until after we ordered our food that the hubby and I finally looked around. And BOY! Were our eyes opened!! There were pictures of naked ladies everywhere! And also a picture of naked men riding the Tour de France. That's the one my kids noticed. Fortunately, all the men were sitting on their bikes so we didn't see all their private parts. Needless to say, we skedaddled out of there as quick as possible. Which was quite a while. Remember we had four starving kids with us!

"Well...Nobody's Perfect."

Line uttered at the end of Some Like It Hot. When my boy, Little Joe, is absolutely happy and proud of some accomplishment, he smiles just like Osgood Fielding the Third (played by Joe E. Brown) does at the end of this hilarious movie!! Do you remember that scene? If not, you TOTALLY need to rent this movie and watch it. So funny! Whenever my boy smiles that smile, I think of that line and Jack Lemmon being drug off into the sunset. Ah-hahahahaha!!!

Valentine's Day Menu

The hubby took me out for a date on Valentine's. WOW!!! I haven't been on a date in a long time. And the hubby kicked it up a notch. I think he's trying to impress me or something. He must have forgot that I already married him. ;)

We went to a fancy little restaurant with no naked pictures. The hubby made the reservations a few weeks in advance. Wow! He's never done that before. It was a cozy place, with fountains, outside verandas and gardens, and a Peacock strutting around the place.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about the food and I love to try new things. But, I get nervous trying new meats. Yeah, I'm weird. Anyhoo, I had the Rosemary and Garlic Roasted Leg of Lamb--served with mint jelly sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, and baby carrots. And the hubby had Veal Oscar--sauteed veal mounted with crab, grilled asparagus and hollandaise sauce over ravioli. I felt kind of bad ordering lamb and veal. "Baby Killer!" is what I was thinking. I reassured myself by thinking of all the Old Testament Prophets. They ate lamb and fatted calves All the Time! Honest. They did! You can check if you don't believe me!

The hubby knocked it out of the park with this date. Not only did he plan the entire date, he also found the babysitter and got the kids ready for the babysitter. What a dear old man I married. ;)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Prayertime with Little Joe...

I feel a bit sacrilegious recording my son's prayers here for all the world to see. But they are just too good for me not to share! Here is the latest prayer from my darling son. Our family gathers in the living room each night to say our prayers together. We each take a turn saying our prayers. Please remember, all of my son's words are said very sincerely and very, very slowly--with many long pauses.

"Dear Heavenly Father,

Please bless that my mom can have her baby sooooon. Because I really want a brother or a sister. Only, please bless that the baby will have hair and not to be bald. Because if they are bald I will be all 'HUH??'
(said with great emphasis)  and think they are bald.

And please bless that the dog will stop biting me during prayers.
(to which I opened my eyes and grabbed the offending dog away and said 'No' to the dog when he then tried to nip me.) And please bless my Mom that she will not talk during my prayers because I am trying to talk to you Heavenly Father and she is interrupting me and not being reverent. And please help her to keep her eyes closed during my prayers."

I didn't hear much after that, I was too busy trying not to laugh. Afterall, I didn't want him to have to pray about that too. ;)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

How to make a Woman feel Good about herself...

When I stopped nursing my last baby, my hair began to fall out. It was very long. I thought the weight might be a factor. I had been growing out my hair for locks of love. When I noticed big chunks coming out each time I ran my fingers through my hair, I knew I needed to act quickly-or locks of love would have to donate a wig to me!

Eleven to twelve inches of my hair was chopped off, leaving me with a chin length bob. That was several months ago. My hair has been growing back...slowly. I should mention that I don't have bangs. I haven't had bangs since ninth grade, which was a LONG time ago. My hair has grown back pretty evenly. It's now past my shoulders. But for some strange reason, the front hair will not grow evenly. Some look like baby bangs. Others are four inches long. While others are a whopping seven inches long. It looks all scraggly and they refuse to part correctly, leaving me looking like a cross between Dennis the Menace and a Fraggle. Yikes!!!

So this morning I did something drastic. I cut me some bangs.

Then I waited.

Waited for my family to notice. And I waited and waited and waited. Daughter Number One finally noticed and this is what she said to me:

D#1: "Mom. You look like those Mexican ladies who dye their hair blonde."

Me: "What?! I don't dye my hair. This is my natural color. I don't even have dark roots. Do I??"

D#1: (sounding exasperated) "No, Mom. Not that. I mean, your eyebrows are lots darker than your hair. And they're bushy."

Me: "My eyebrows, what???"

Meanwhile, I waited for the Hubby to notice. And I waited and waited and waited. Finally after church, (and some snippy looks on my part) the following conversation occurred:

Hubby: "You look real nice today."

Me: "Psh. Have you even looked at me today to notice?"

Hubby: "Yeah, I looked at you." (looking straight at me as if to emphasize this point)

Me: "Whatever. You not really looking at me. Otherwise you'd notice."

Hubby: "I noticed." (looking real hard now and trying to figure out exactly what he's supposed to have noticed) Umm. I noticed...that you are wearing eyeliner and it really brings out your eyes."

Me: "Psh."

Hubby: (trying again) "Umm. I noticed that you are color coordinated with your earrings and your shirt."

Me: "See. You don't notice anything!"

Hubby: "I do too. I noticed that you did your hair real nice. And umm... Did you do something to your eyebrows?"

Me: "My eyebrows?!?!?!"

Come. On. Family! I haven't had bangs in 17 years. Not for the entire time that you've all known me. And all you can think of is that I've done something to my eyebrows. Or, wait. Is that a hint? Do you think there's something wrong with my eyebrows? Ey-yi-yi. I totally didn't see that coming. At all. Who knew bangs would draw everyones attention to my eyebrows. You did? Well, psh. It's a little late to point that out now. :-P Haha!!!

By the way, the hubby did finally figure out that I had bangs. It was very funny to watch his face as he worked it out. He was getting more nervous with each wrong guess and concentrating so hard trying to figure out what was different about me. And then his face when he finally got it. It was like in the cartoons when the lightbulb clicks over the guys head. Hilarious!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I am a fan of Anime. It is truly one of my favorite things. I love the animation, the storylines, and the fun and quirky scripts. They hold a special place in my heart.

So, imagine my thrill when I saw a trailer for a Live-Action Dragonball movie! I wasn't expecting it at all! It was in the previews for Inkheart. When the trailer started, I thought Wow, this movie looks good...wonder what it is. And then it showed the Seven Mystics banding together and I about jumped out of my seat. And then they flashed to a cute young man with a high hairline and I knew. I knew!!!!! At this point I DID jump out of my seat and startled the poor Babycakes who was sleeping on my lap. He fortunately fell back asleep once his crazy Mama sat back down. I'm so excited. The movie is scheduled to open April 7, 2009. That's only TWO Months away! Yahoo!

Another great piece of news...M. Night Shyamalan is currently making a live-action version of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It will be a trilogy with the first movie scheduled for July 2010. Now, I love me some Dragonball, but it cannot compare with my love/obsession with all things Aang. The cast is all lined up. I'm not sure what they'll do for locations. I feel sorry for the actors who will portray Katara and Suko, because they start out in the icy cold. Brr! I do have to tell you...if a midnight showing is offered for this movie, I will be in line. Seriously. I know that I will probably be surrounded by a bunch of teeny-bops (afterall-it is a Nickelodeon show) but I will hold my head high!

So, I've got my next two years planned out. How about you??? ;)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time, I was driving alone at night when all of the sudden an airplane flys out of nowhere directly in front of me! The plane was only ten feet from the ground and it zoomed across the road. Cary Grant's picture in North by Northwest popped into my head and I braced myself for the plane to hit me. Then the plane pulled straight up, flipped around and dropped a load of anti-bug stuff on a crop of lettuce. Ummm. I guess I overreacted. ;)

Once upon a time, I was driving with my whole family at night. We were coming back from visiting family 200 miles away. When we left, our gas tank read 3/4 tank. Once we hit the freeway, it dropped to 1/2 tank. I assumed it would bob back up once our speed evened out. It never did. My van has a built-in system that tells how many miles you can drive at your current speed with what's left in your tank. It's supposed to be very accurate. When the needle neared the "E" the system said we still had 160 miles of gas left. As the needle passed the "E" and the "Tank Low" sign flashed the system said we had 140 miles left. We were almost home only three exits away, so I passed the first exit advertising gas. And of course my thirsty van protested by shutting down. On the freeway. In front of a semi-truck going 70 mph. Sorry dear van. I overestimated the reliability of the built-in system. Next time I will trust the little needle.

We were able to pull safely off the freeway and only had to push our van about a half mile to the nearest gas station. Good news: My hubby is committed to getting in shape. Having to push a mini-van really put things in perspective for him. Hahaha! ;)

Once upon a time my hubby was blind. Well, not really blind, but almost. He couldn't see without glasses or contacts. He decided torture was the best way to remedy his eye problems. The original procedure was done last Christmas. His eye-sight was much improved, but he still had to wear glasses. I am pleased (and slightly grossed out) to report that he had his follow-up procedure last month and he no longer requires glasses at all. You may be asking, What was the first thing he did upon receiving the all-clear from th eye doctor?? He drove straight to the DMV and got a new Driver's License with No Restrictions! It is a very big deal. To him. Me, not so much. But hey, Whatever makes him happy! Silly old man!