Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LOST for Words

I am completely lost on words right now. All I can think of is Eloise shooting Daniel. Her own son! Ey-yah! Why couldn't Daniel have just said, I'm looking for my mother Eloise? Just a small detail, just a little bit of communication, and the whole thing could have been avoided. But that's been one of the major problems on the Island all along. A complete lack of communication! Aargh.

Meanwhile, when Daniel was explaining the relativity of time shifts and how he might be able to prevent the plane crash a song popped into my head. The Song that Never Ends. I was left feeling like the whole Island is on a loop, with the same events destined to repeat over and over and over. That would stink. :( For now I am crossing my fingers that Daniel's ideas will work. But with him not there to implement, well... I just don't know what to expect.

And that is all. I am still blown away by the ending. I just can't wrap my brain around it. I can't believe that the Lost writers did it to me again. Sucked me into liking a character, just to do horrible things to them. Oh! I just cannot get the picture out of my head of Daniel asking if his Mom will be proud of him. Then of Daniel muttering, "You knew. You knew and you sent me anyways." Oh! My heart just tore apart at that. I am now going to go read something fluffy and silly to try to get rid of the sad, sad feelings left by Lost.

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Tina said...

My daughter and I have been sitting in stunned silence. We were so excited for this 100th episode, and then....this.

Why couldn't Miles have told the truth?