Friday, April 10, 2009

They're Alive! And not LOST!

I had Spanish class Wednesday so missed LOST. I finally got time to watch it tonight. Hooray!

1. Hallelujah! My prayers were answered! Desmond, Penny, and little Charlie are alive. I've been so worried about them. I knew that Ben had gone after them, but wasn't sure of the results. I squealed and jumped out of my seat when I saw Ben on the pier. I yelled to my husband (who was sitting right next to me) to watch, Watch! Oh man. I was on the edge watching that segment. I screamed when Ben shot Desmond. Seriously. Hubby can vouch for that. I yelled to Penny to watch out!! And I begged Ben not to shoot her or Charlie. And guess what... Ben listened to me. Turns out he has a soft spot for babies. Phew! I loved Desmond coming up behind Ben, knocking the wind out of him, then thoroughly beating his face. Although it was nasty seeing all the blood spill out of his mouth into the ocean, he totally had it coming. And I was glad to see Desmond give it to him. *sigh* I love you Desmond! You rock! Hubby and I agree that Desmond is one of our favorite characters. Especially with the Scottish heritage and accent. My Mom agrees too. All things Scot RULE!! ;)

2. Ben has a soft spot for babies. Totally didn't see that coming. He's so hard core about so many other things. I just assumed he would have no problem killing a babycakes. I also had a hard time deciding when Ben was lying and when he was being honest in this episode. So, I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and just assume that everything out of his mouth was a lie. I know that usually when you give someone the "benefit of the doubt" that you assume they are honest, but come on! We're talking about Ben here. Any assumptions must be toward the negative. Sorry Ben.

3. The smoke monster let Ben live. EXCUSE ME??? The smoke monster killed Mr. Echo. And Mr. Echo rocked! Everything that man did was for his family. He was my ultimate favorite character and then he was gone. I cried for Mr. Echo and cursed the smoke monster for his unfairness. Well, smoke monster has proven just how unfair he truly is. He let Ben live! I know Alex yelled at Ben and threw him up against a wall. I know that Alex told him he better listen to John from now on and NOT try to kill John. But come on! We all know how bad Ben has been. Does anyone really think that he will listen to smoke monster/Alex and actually be loyal to John? Anyone? Although, he does claim that everything he has done has been for the island. Maybe he will listen. He would be a great ally for John. He has great skills and always follows through. And he usually has a plan for every situation. So, if Ben can be nice, John will be the better for it. But I'm so worried about John! He's so naive and trusting. And I know that I really shouldn't be talking here since I have also been accused of those two traits (and not in nice ways). But really John! The man has tried to kill you twice now! Please John. Be safe. For me. Please!

4. What's with the bounty hunter and the guns? I can't believe they knocked Frank out like that. Although I was relieved! My Digital TV signal cut out for a few seconds when they were targeting Frank, so at first I thought he'd been killed. Ey-Yah! I was so relieved that he had only been knocked out. Why is it that every time I start liking a character the Lost writers have to target them. First it was Boone. Then it was Mr. Echo. Then Claire. I've been on pins and needles for weeks for Desmond and Juliet. And now Frank. Why don't they target Jack? Really? He's been getting on my nerves lately. You could do some damage to his character and I wouldn't mind. He needs a good kicking around. Honest! He does! Sing with me: Hit the road Jack! And don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more. Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more! Yeah!!

Looking forward to next week.


Crunchyconmommy said...

First, do you think he has a soft spot for babies in particular, or for not wanting other babies to have dead mothers like he did? That's how I read it. (Not to say he doesn't like babies; I think he just feels protective of motherless children in his own unique way!)

I kind of agree about the smoke monster thing, except I think that the island still has use for Ben, and maybe it was done with Eko. Also, Eko had such guilt that maybe he didn't want to live anymore? And the first things he did (killing that man for his brother) was for his family, but when he grew up, he probably could have gone his own way. He brought that life back to his brother and his village.

John, Lisa and family said...

I think in the end, we're going to be surprised with Ben. We see things as we see them...but once we know the whole story, it may be that Ben is the good guy the whole time. Hmmmm....interesting story development.

Sarah Blue said...

To Crunchyconmommy:

Oooo! I think you are totally right about Ben and motherless children! I didn't even think of that. But it would make sense. Except, does he remember that? I know he lost some of his memories when he was healed in the temple...But it seems like he still remembered his family... Hmm.

And you are right about Eko. But I still liked him. And I loved that in the end he didn't fall apart begging the smoke monster for mercy and to forgive him. He took ownership of his actions. He accepted the responsibility and the consequences for those actions.

Thanks for your insights!!