Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thoughts on Movies...

After learning of my children's interest in Science-Fiction, I decided last week to introduce them to one of the classic Sci-Fi must-see movies: DUNE. I was so excited to share this movie with them. I assembled the pajamed group on blankets in front of the television. I had pizza, popcorn and other treats for munching. As I started the movie I told my kids again how great DUNE is, how it was one of my favorite movies growing up, how I just know they're going to love it too.

Ummm... Did I mention that I haven't seen DUNE for many years? Yeah. I kind of forgot about a few parts. I forgot about how the Baron face has nasty boils all over it. That totally sicked out my kids. I forgot how the Baron lusts after his doctor. That totally confused my kids. I forgot how the Baron attacked a young man, squeezing his head and body until the blood oozed and the Baron laughed his pure glee. That made one of my kids almost vomit. I forgot how Sting (who plays the Baron's nephew) comes out in just a little speedo thing, his muscles all flexed (looking pretty good to my eyes), that the Baron stares out him in a sick, lusty way. Again, my kids were totally sicked out and confused. I forgot how Paul's hand gets burned (but not really) and how they show his skin melting off and a hole forming in his hand. That my kids yell out in pain for Paul. I forgot that they showed "pictures" of Paul's little sister while still in the womb. For some reason, my kids thought that was as bad as the Baron killing the young man. Go Figure!

By the middle of the film my kids were begging to not watch anymore. I kept telling them it gets better, that the Baron eventually gets killed, that Paul wins, and that the worms aren't going to eat anyone and are, in fact, one of the coolest parts of DUNE. My kids didn't believe me. But somehow I convinced them to stay. They ended up loving it. Hooray! They even watched it again with Hubby the next day. We all agree that the Baron is one of the sickest, nastiest characters we've ever seen. But the worms and Paul make up for it. :)


So this morning I was out running errands with my boys when I decided that we were going to see a movie! Specifically DRAGONBALL: EVOLUTION. I knew that Hubby wanted to see it too, but I've been trying for weeks to schedule a time with him when we could both go see it. I was sick of waiting and wanted to see it before it left the theater. I drove to the theater, unloaded my boys, and started walking up to the theater. The theater didn't usually start movies until after 11:00 am. I knew that Dragonball might not be showing for an hour, but already told my boys that we would get an ice cream cone if we had to wait long. I was SO excited! Until I got to the theater. Dragonball was no where in sight! I couldn't believe it. I was at a theater that housed 14 screens. And a Harkins to boot. Dragonball barely came out on April 10 and today is April 28. 18 days. Only 18 days and the movie is no longer showing! How is that possible? Grr. :(
So I didn't get to see Dragonball. The boys and I were very disappointed. We even drove to the little theater downtown-just in case they were still showing it. Nope. *sad sigh* I finished my errands and drove home. At home I checked online for any possible showings in a surrounding town. Turns out, if I want to see it, I'll have to drive to a theater three hours away. THREE HOURS! Grrr. And you know what makes it even more of a stinky situation, the movies that are currently showing. Movies like Hannah Montana. Yeah. Now there's something I'm dying to see. And Monsters & Aliens, in both 2-D and 3-D. That crass movie, that I refuse to take my kids to see, is taking up two theaters!! TWO! Argh! Some people have no taste. :(

As I grumpily searched for a theater closer to my home and cursed people with bad taste, I stumbled across a news update that quickly turned my frown upside down. The teaser trailer for THE LAST AIRBENDER is scheduled to be shown with the new Transformers movie coming out in June. Now I am not a fan of Transformers. I really was not planning on seeing that movie. At all. But I would definitely be willing to pay $7.00, if only to sit through the opening trailers. Just to catch a glimpse of what M. Night has up his sleeve for us die-hard Airbender fans. *sigh* Of course, since there's no telling how long the theater will keep a movie playing, I'll be sure to go opening week.

In the meantime, I am counting down for STAR TREK. It opens in my town on May 7.


the MomBabe said...

Ugh, we grew up in the same house. How are we so different? I HATE Dune. Like, want to tear out my eyeballs and stab my ears hate.... sigh.

Tina said...

While I can't relate to your love for Dune, I understand the "I forgot about that part" scenario. The selective memory thing has gotten me into trouble a time or two....or three...