Thursday, April 2, 2009

LOST & A Funeral

So, I missed Lost last night because the family and I went to my Grandfather's viewing. Then we went to see my Dad and Sisters in the Easter Pageant. It was great. Except, my Dad yelled at Jesus, conspired to kill him, and spit on him. Umm. I think his bishop might need to talk to him before renewing his recommend.

When we returned for the night, my Mom informed Hubby and I that she had recorded Lost for us. Wasn't that wonderful! Except, it was really late. And I just wanted to go to bed. But Hubby said he was going to watch it, so I had to watch with him. *sigh*

It was a good episode. Up until that last two minutes. At which point the DVR stopped recording. Right when Richard tells Sawyer and Kate that if he helps Kid Ben then his innocence will be lost and he'll never be the same again. I saw when Kate and Sawyer looked at each other and then told Richard to Yes, Help Kid Ben! But as Richard turned to the forest the recording just stopped. Ey-yah! Normally I'd just watch the rest on the internet, but my Mom's computer doesn't have the "special" program that ABC requires. And since I don't want to download programs to her brand-new computer that is currently virus free, I will have to wait a few more days to find out what happened. Unless YOU want to tell me... I won't mind. Honest...

In the meantime, here's what I thought about last night's episode, condensed:

1. Kate came back to find Claire. Wow. I thought she came back to nab Sawyer. Do you think she'll be able to get Claire off the island if she does find her? And if the do get off the island, what year will they end up in?

2. Stupid Jack! If he'd just helped Kid Ben out, then Kate & Sawyer wouldn't have to run to Richard and get Kid Ben's innocence lost and his personality changed. Stupid Jack! He always seems to screw stuff up. Even when he's doing the "right thing". Stupid man, can't catch a break.

And that is all I have time for. Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think. I meanwhile, will go back to visit with my fabulous family and reminisce about our dear Grandpa.


John, Lisa and family said...

If you want me to tell you...I will. OR...we recorded it. I don't know how long you're in town, but you are welcome to come watch the last few minutes! Either way...what happened (Spoiler Alert to any one reading this comment) is that Richard took Ben to a cabin like place. Kind of looked like the place that Jacob was at, but a little different. He hesitated before finally pushing the door opened, and carrying the unconscious Ben through the door. Cut to adult Ben laying unconscious in a darkened room. The camera pans back and you can see the back of a darkened figure of someone sitting next to Ben, watching him. Then closeup of Ben as he slowly wakes up, and looks at the person. His expression is at first confused, then a look of surpris, then shock. Then you see closeup of John Lock, with a little smile on his face. He says "Hello, Ben...welcome back to the land of the living." And that famous cliffhanger music comes on, and that's the end! The previews for next week reveal that Ben tells John that he came back to the island to be judged, and that the survivors will finally have some answers. (They always say that!)
P.S. On a more serious note...
Beautiful funeral today, Sarah. I had no idea until John came home last night and told me, that you are his granddaughter! It was a very uplifting funeral. I wish I could have said hi to you, but you were surrounded by family, and otherwise very occupied. Tell your mom and aunts how much I loved the life history. Beautiful job, beautifully and tenderly done.

Tina said...

I hope you had a sweet time reminiscing with your family about your grandpa.

Thank you for always writing these Lost posts. I love them. I can't wait until tonight's episode, as usual. I will be looking for your post soon afterward :)