Thursday, March 19, 2009

Paint and Random Thoughts

We moved into our new house November 1st. The walls were all a very neutral off-white color. What with moving, dealing with Thanksgiving & Christmas, me getting sick on and off, getting kids settled in school, and a host of other excuses that I will not bore you with, the walls stayed that color...Until now.

For two months I have debated which color to paint each room. It may seem trivial to some, but for me it is a BIG decision. To help with the decision process, two great sisters in my ward lent me their color-sample collections. For one full month, I would just sit in each room holding different colors up to the walls, the carpet, the ceilings, and the cupboards, trying to gauge which color would work. At the end of the month, I had my colors narrowed down.

Then I painted large swatches of the color in each room. I sat looking at the colors on my walls for another month. And then I KNEW. I knew which colors I was going to use. Of course, then I got sick again. Psh. I am SO sick and tired of being sick and tired. Oh well.

Today I was feeling good and energized. And look what I accomplished.

Sarah's Kitchen

I painted my entire kitchen RED! Hahaha! My mom and husband and sisters are currently dropping dead from amazement. I am such a blue person. (hence the name - Sarah Blue!) I've never done anything red. But I really, really wanted it in my kitchen. When we were looking at homes I saw one decorated like this and instantly loved it. And now my kitchen looks so great!

This type of red requires two coats. I pushed hard to get it all prepped today and the first coat on. I needed to get the first coat done today so that it could dry overnight and be ready for the second coat tomorrow. It's hard to paint when you've got a baby that insists you hold him the entire time you are painting. It's also hard to paint when your five-year old son keeps trying to "help". It's even more difficult when your daughters only have a half-day of school and insist that they are old enough to help and that "you never let them do anything" and "always say 'no'" whenever they ask you any type of question. :S

I finished up my first coat after I put the kids in bed. While I was standing on the top wrung of my ladder painting (yes, the one you're not supposed to stand on), my brain started to go a little screwy. And I started thinking some really random and weird things. Things that I will now share with you:

"This red looks really great. I love the way paint smells. *inhale deeply* If I ever become famous I think I'm going to do crazy stuff on purpose. Yeah. Crazy stuff. And I'll pull faces at the cameras. Haha! Just like Nancy Face! Yeah. That would be hilarious. OH! I should totally take crazy pictures and then sell them to the National Enquirer. Yeah. Because if I have a friend that has cancer and they can't afford to pay for their chemotherapy, then I can have them take a picture of me picking my nose or something dumb and then they could sell it and then they would have money for their cancer stuff. Yeah. That would be so funny. Haha! Oh wait. I don't think I want any pictures of my picking my nose out there. That's kind of gross. And I don't think I could live that down. Huh.

"Oh! I know. The National Enquirer loves pictures of people kissing other people. I could totally kiss some other guy and take a picture of it. Yeah. That would be hilarious. And I bet I could make a bunch of money from that. Haha. But wait. What if my Bishop sees that. Wow. I wonder if he would still give me a temple recommend. Oh man. He'd probably have to call me in for an interview and to tell me off for kissing some other guy. But I'd totally explain the whole thing to him. And then he would totally laugh with me. Yeah. Me and my Bishop would totally be laughing about the National Enquirer and all the crazy-stalker paparazzi and how I made money off of them for my sick friend with cancer and the National Enquirer doesn't even know that I used them. Yeah. My Bishop would totally laugh about that with me.

"I wonder what would happen if you were married to your Bishop. How do you get your recommend then? Do you have to go in for an interview? Or can you just roll over in bed one night and say, 'Honey, I need a new temple recommend.' Huh. I wonder if he would just start asking you the questions while you were still in bed. That would be kind of awkward. He'd probably want to be more formal about it. Sheesh. I hope my husband is never a Bishop. That would be weird to be sleeping with my Bishop. I wonder if I'd have to start calling him Bishop Blue. Or if I could still call him Hubby. He better not get all sanctimonious or anything. That would really tick me off. But I guess if he saw pictures of me kissing some other guy he might get ticked off too. Huh. I guess I better not do that. I guess I'll have to think of another way to make money for my friend with cancer."

On and on went my crazy thoughts until I finally finished painting. I wasn't so loopy once I got off the ladder. I guess my brain functions better when my feet are firmly on the ground. And for the record, I do not currently have any friends with cancer. I'm just planning for the future. "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear." ;)


Christina said...

I LOVE the red!!! I have some in my house and its my favorite. Great choice, it looks fantastic!

Tina said...

The red looks great!

Maybe you should not inhale the fumes so deeply though...;) Oh, the unpublishable things I wanted to add to your crazy thoughts though!!

Lauren said...

I am LOVING the red! It looks fantastic!

Laurie said...

Wow, I LOVE the red!! Color is so much better than plain, old white. My walls are bright blue and teal green, and I love it!!!

Muir Family said...

LOVE the red!! I'd do the same.

Deck The HALLS of HOME with JOY! said...

WOW, way to go it looks great! You did good!

Nancy Face said...

I see my name! :D

Nancy Face said...

I am IN LOVE with your red kitchen!'s my favorite color! :)

Nancy Face said...

I cracked up at this entire paragraph:

"I wonder what would happen if you were married to your Bishop..."