Thursday, March 19, 2009

LOST Review

Usually after watching Lost, I'm left with more questions than answers. Last night's episode did the opposite. Hooray! Several questions that I had were answered.

1. First I have to say that Frank Rocks!! He was calm and cool even when his plane was falling out of the sky. He avoided the mountains, avoided the ocean, and was able to land the plane. Too bad the brakes weren't working. :S It seems that the only casualty was the co-pilot. This is going to sound callous, but for Lost one death is pretty tame! I figured there would be several deaths associated with the plane crash.

2. Hurley is still Hurley. I got a kick out of his reaction when told that they were in 1977. "Um...what?" And then later when the new recruits are going to have their picture taken, "Namaste what?" He's so clueless about what's going on. I'm actually happy about that. He's such a sweet soul and I don't want him having a break-down.

3. Poor Jin. Here he thought his wife was safe. But no. Now he's going to be worried about her and searching for her. He's such an intense guy. The way he turned on Sayid. Wow! Sayid looked very scared that Jin would actually shoot him. And that's saying a lot, because we all know that Sayid isn't easily phased.

4. Speaking of Sayid, Yikes! I don't know what LeFleur/Sawyer has up his sleeve, but judging from the previews for next week, I'm worried that it won't matter. Did everyone catch that? There was just a flash of Sayid's face and a voice over of him saying, "Now I know what I have to do here." I'm a little worried because the last thing Sayid saw was a young Ben. WOW! You know that James, Jin, and Juliet must all know that Ben is there. And we all know that Farady won't want them messing with the timeline, but still. Can't they do something about that boy?! While he is still a boy. And not a super-manipulative killer. Please. Someone? Anyone?

5. Well, at least Sun had enough guts to not believe Ben and do something about it. I was a little confused when I saw Ben pop up on screen walking about. Last time we saw him, he was out cold in the "infirmary" with John looking at him. Remember me hoping that John would do something about Ben, but not fully believing that he will. Thank goodness for Sun! I love that she just whacked him across the head with an oar. Hallelujah! Someone is finally turning the tables on Ben. I hope it lasts.

6. I like Jack. I really do. But the man gets on my nerves at times. And this episode was one of them. Don't you love that after three years away, he thinks he's going to be in charge of the group. That he balks at James directions. That he thinks there needs to be a group vote on whether or not they'll pose as new recuits for the Dharma Initiative. And don't you think it's hilarious that he goes to confront James about his plans, even though he's been gone three years and has no idea what is going on with anyone anywhere. I especially enjoyed that James has fully embraced the leadership role. And I LOVED that he put Jack in his place. It's about time someone did!! I just hope Jack doesn't go off on his own and do something stupid. Don't try to deny it. You know Jack would. It would be completely true to form. Please Jack! Don't do anything stupid. Just listen to James and get over your namby-pamby feelings of jealousy and competition. Please!

7. I appreciate that James and Juliet stuck together. For now. The looks he was giving to Kate have me nervous. He still has feelings for her. After listening to Amy's comments, we now know that James and Juliet are more like a married couple than just casual partners. My heart broke a little for Juliet when Amy asked her when she and Jim were going to have a baby. The look on Juliet's face. Ooh! I was so sad for her. But so far, James is staying true. I hope the trend wil continue. His character has matured so much during the three years with Dharma. It's great to see because we all knew he had it in him.

8. Where are Rose and Bernard??? Seriously. Has anyone seen them? I hope they didn't die in the initial time travel shoot-out. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I really liked that little couple. They were so loyal to each other. And even when they bickered, you knew that they loved each other more than anything. I'm crossing my fingers that they are alright and hopefully just hanging out with Richard and the others.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode. What did you think??

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Crunchyconmommy said...

I liked it, too. Not my favorite of the season, but it was a good "let's take a moment to catch our breaths" kind of episode. I, too, hope that Sawyer and Juliet stick together. And I loved the moment when Juliet realizes that the baby she is holding is Ethan. (I'm just glad it wasn't Goodwin, because that would be too ooky!)I also liked the slightly passive aggressive moment where she left Kate hanging at orientation, wondering if she was going to get found out!

I'm a little nervous about Rose and Bernard. The general theory going around the internets seems to be that they might be "Adam and Eve", the skeletons the losties found in the cave early in season one. Hope not.

And, yeah, I think Sayid is going to try to do something about Ben. If Faraday is right, he won't succeed, but I think he'll try. And I find it intriguing to consider that maybe the actions of the O6 might actually CAUSE some of the history of the island as we know it (maybe Sayid or someone is part of why Ben becomes so alienated and becomes willing to take part in the purge?).

As for Sun and Jin, I think it's going to be awhile before that's resolved. I'm wondering if the plane really crashed in the present or if they jumped a bit, too! The dock where they landed wouldn't still be strewn with Dharma Initiative wreckage if the Others have lived there for years, would it? And would the photos still be on the wall? Since it changed from a dark stormy night to broad daylight during the crash, I wonder if they "flashed" someplace else, too!