Wednesday, March 25, 2009

LOST and Amazed!

**Spoilers. Do NOT read until you've watched tonight's episode.**

1. Holy Crap! Sayid shot Ben! I can't believe it! I mean, yeah, I wanted Ben dead. But Holy Crap! Sayid shot the KID Ben. Kid Ben that just got beat up by his dad for bringing Sayid food. Kid Ben that just risked his neck busting Sayid out of his cell. Freaking KID BEN!! Oh man. I just cannot get over that. I was hoping that John or Sun would do something about Ben. Not Sayid! Not Kid Ben! Oh man. Oh man. I really feel sorry for Kid Ben. What a lousy day. :(

I'm not positive that Kid Ben is really dead. Sayid only shot him once (and just in his chest) before running off into the jungle. I think Kid Ben might still make it. After all, John got shot and he didn't die... Oh man. I know it will shock you, but I'm kinda hoping that Kid Ben is still alive. It just doesn't seem right for him to die that way. He was just a Kid. Yes, I know he grows up to be a manipulative man with no morals, but couldn't they have just kicked him off the island? Or couldn't Sayid kill Kid Ben's crappy dad and then raise Kid Ben to Choose The Right?? Something? Anything? I knew this show would make me root for Ben again!!! I KNEW IT!!! I was guarding myself against it, but then they had Kid Ben show up. Who can root against Kid Ben? No one, that's who! Aaargh! :S

And if Kid Ben is dead, What happens to everyone's future? Every single person on that island was affected by Kid Ben and/or Grown-up Ben's actions. Will that all be moot now? Will someone else do the dirty deeds? And did Ben ever really talk to Jacob? What I mean is, did Ben really ever listen to Jacob? Or was he always out on his own? Hmmm. Remember Ben getting mad at John 'cause Jacob asked John for help. Maybe Jacob was asking for help because Ben was not really taking orders, but manipulating everything and everyone for his own purposes. Hmmm.

2. I'm pretty ticked at Sawyer. I can't believe that he would risk Sayid like that, just so he could keep his "happy Dharma life". Sayid saved their toushies so many times after the first plane crash. I thought Sawyer would be a little more loyal or at the very least, a little more innovative in his attempt to free Sayid. Sheesh. I also did not appreciate Ben's manipulation of Sayid. First, in killing all of Widmore's associates; Second, just dropping Sayid when all the men were dead; and Third, popping back into Sayid's life to tell him about Hurley. Grrr.

3. The woman bounty hunter who took Sayid down is AWESOME! I loved how she kicked him and took him down in under a minute. It was very entertaining to watch. I wonder if they'll end up together, romantically, in the end... Hmmm. Something to consider. ;)

4. I'm still waiting for the story behind all of Ben's injuries when he boarded the plane. Did Ben kill Penny? Did Ben kill Charlie? Did Ben kill Desmond? I sure hope not. If that's the case, then I will feel a teeny bit better about Sayid killing Kid Ben. But only a teeny bit.

5. So, we all know that Kate came back for Sawyer. I think it's funny how surprised she is to find him shacked up with Juliet. Umm. Wasn't she shacking up with Jack for a while there? Yeah, I'm pretty sure she was. Haha. I don't think Sawyer would take to kindly to that fact. And I don't think Jack is too willing to give Kate up yet. That is a fight in the making.

6. I really, really hate Kid Ben's dad. He's just a jerk. He's an arrogant, hateful man. And that is all. I see no redeeming qualities in him. At all. I'm sorry that his wife died giving birth to their son, but seriously! Taking it on Kid Ben. That is a line that should never have been crossed. Never. Ever!

7. I love that Juliet came out and said, "It's over, isn't it?" I felt that she was referring to their relationship as well as their way of life with Dharma. I love that she didn't just hem and haw and pretend like there was nothing going on. She said it straight to Sawyer's face. And she said it in a way that gave Sawyer an out. Juliet has class. Loads and Loads of class. I hope the Lost writers aren't making me fall in love with her because they're planning on killing her off down the road and want the audience to be completely devastated when it happens. Cause I will. Be devastated, that is. And I will probably cry and cry and cry. *sigh* I hope she doesn't die. :(

8. That is all I have to say. I am now very depressed thinking about poor Kid Ben and his crappy dad, poor Sayid the killing-machine, poor Juliet might die at any moment, and poor, poor Desmond, Penny & Charlie. *sigh*

I'm pretty sure I'm going to have some Lost-related nightmares tonight. :(


John, Lisa and family said...

Just got done watching it. This is my theory (and Hank and A.J's). Ben isn't dead. Remember what Faraday said? You can't change the future? I think the reason Ben grew up to be a bitter and angry and manipulative man, was not only what his dad did to him, but what Sayid did to him. It's a loop (according to A.J.). They Oceanic 6 were all part of the original past. That's why it was so important for Ben that these people all come back. They had to, in order to be part of what happened originally. Lots to think about, huh? CRAZY!

John, Lisa and family said...

By the way...Jeri cried to when Kid Ben was shot. It took all of us completely by surprise, but REALLY shook Jeri up. Still...I don't think he's dead.

Crunchyconmommy said...

I agree with the theory already posted in the comments that Ben isn't dead and this was what happened in Ben's past already. One of the Lost podcasts I listen to (yes, I am that much of a geek) went back and watched the season 2 episodes where Ben/Henry Gale is introduced to the show, and suggested that Ben's reaction to the various castaways could suggest that he recognized them.

As for point 3, I'm still not convinced that Ilana doesn't work for Ben (knowingly or unknowingly) or Widmore. Maybe she was TOLD that her employers were the family of his victim (buy why would they want him brought to Guam? That's not where he was from), but I think it's far too much of a coincidence that Sayid was on this particular flight for it to be an accident. Someone's always pulling those strings...

Crunchyconmommy said...

Oh, and maybe we discussed this last week, but did you notice that except for Sayid (who just shot him!), the list of people he wanted Michael to bring to him were those who ended up in Dharma and only them? Again, no coincidences on this show!