Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crazy Times!

I've had so much going on the past few weeks. Here's a quick rundown:

*Dash the Dog got his boy stuff removed by the Vet. He had stitches and a cone head and wasn't allowed outside without supervision. Let's just say, he went potty (#1 & #2) in my house multiple times. Thank goodness for my wet vac.

*My five-year old son vomited during Sacrament. I, fortunately, was walking the halls with the BabyCakes, so the boy didn't vomit on me. He got his dad and the floor under the pew instead. Again, thank goodness for my wet vac.

*The Hubby got strep throat. Then he gave it to me. Mine was a worse case. Thank goodness for the nice doctor who gave me antibiotics in pink liquid form. That was much easier to swallow.

*My three big kids started Little League Baseball. And the three coaches all decided to schedule their first practice at the same different parts of the city. Yikes! Thank goodness Hubby got off work early. We divided and conquered.

*I've been designated as "Team Mom" for Annie's team. Thank goodness I had mad secretary skills, so all the forms, phone calls, and fund raiser stuff will be easy-peasy.

*Hubby auditioned for and was cast in a local production of "Into the Woods". He is playing Cinderella's Prince (who basically kisses every girl he can find) and the Wolf (who eats the two ladies the Prince doesn't kiss). I plan on sitting in the front row and catcalling every time his character comes onto stage. It will be tons on fun. If you want to join me, the play will run at the end of June. Meanwhile, he has practices twice a week until then. Thank goodness that I was the one wanting him to do this. Otherwise I might get a little resentful of all his time away. But as it is, I'm thrilled! I always wanted to see him in this play. AND in this role! Hooray for me and wish fulfillment! ;)

*Annie, age 7, had her orthodontic appliance removed. She is so excited. Now she can eat almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews, popcorn, pizza crust, hard candy, sticky candy, gum, carrot sticks, celery sticks, french bread, apples (without having to slice it first), and many other hard and sticky items. Thank goodness she can eat trail mix again.

*I finished an online class through Mesa Community College. It was a Personal and Family Finance class. Thank goodness because that class was boring! Mainly because I figured out finances many years ago so the entire textbook was just a review. But I'm now one step closer to getting my FACS teaching certificate.

*Dash the Dog had his stitches removed yesterday from aforementioned surgery. As soon as we got home he proceeded to vomit. And vomit. And vomit some more. It was just little bits at a time, but still. Eeew! Thank goodness for my wet vac!

*At one of the baseball practices, one that I had driven to myself with all my kids in tow, I got hit in my left forearm with a baseball. It hurt. Bad. I left the field to get a drink. One second I was standing by the water cooler, next second I was laying down fifteen feet away. Huh. And as I turned over there were lots of people staring at me. Turns out I fainted and was out for about a minute. Another parent called 911 and I was soon surrounded by paramedics. Wow. They were fast. They were also not impressed that I couldn't remember how I got from point A to point B. But I did remember my address, name, telephone number, and even the date. Thank goodness I could deny their insistence to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Phew! Cause I'm not sure how much of that "ride" my insurance would have covered. I called Hubby to come get me instead.

*I still felt woozy for the next day. My doctor ordered some lab work. I had to give six large vials of blood. Thank goodness the phlebotomist was a master needle sticker. I barely felt it. And by the way, after she removed all the blood, I felt great. Really, really great! For the whole rest of the day! Huh. It seems that all I needed was a some good old-fashioned blood letting. Maybe I should invest in medical leeches. You know. Just in case I feel faint in the future. ;)


Laurie said...

Um. Wow. You've had a LOT of craziness over there! Let's hope this next week is as boring as can be!!

Christina said...

Holy smokes lady! I sure hope your off the hook for a while when it comes to excitement in your life (at least the kind of excitement that is going to put your wet vac into early retirement and you into an ambulence)!

Crunchyconmommy said...

We LOVE Into the Woods at our house! The soundtrack is one of our regular drivng CDs! Wish him luck for us, and I wish we could see it!

Tina said...

Sarah! You HAVE had a crazy time. I hope you get to take it a little easy for a bit...

I'm glad there is some wish fulfillment going on anyway...because THAT is making your life go so much smoother..;)

John, Lisa and family said...

Are you sure you didn't get hit in the HEAD? How did you get knocked out like that? Hope you're ok. Funny story...but still...I hope you're ok!!!

Lisa and Troy Love said...

Sarah, you are silly and I love reading everything you write! Keep it up!