Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lost and Back Together--Sort of...

A. Remember when Juliet first arrived on the Island. Several people were astonished by her looks. They commented that Juliette looks "just like her". At the time, I wondered who Juliet looked like. Whoever it was, Ben sure seemed like he was smitten. Remember they said that Juliet was "intended" for Ben. Yikes! I'm wondering now, since Juliet is back in 1974-1977, if she looks like herself OR if she has a daughter while on the Island. Here's how the two scenarios play out in my mind. And yes, I know they are both probably incorrect, but for now, this is what I'm thinking. :)

1. She is herself, but older, when first meeting Ben Linus. She takes pity on him and acts as a surrogate mother/aunt. Trying to teach him GOOD in order to deter his later actions. Ben likes her like Oedipus and when he sees Young Juliet, thinks he's found his mate.

2. The "her" is Juliet's daughter. She is a little girl when Ben arrives on the Island and they become friends. This scenario requires Juliet leaving the Island though, otherwise Ben would have met them both. I know it's a long shot, but Lost keeps making long shots so I have to think crazy and outside of the box.

B. I love that con-man Sawyer saves the day. First, he shows what a great guy he has become by walking into danger to save Amy. He wouldn't have done that in the first season. He would have agreed with Miles that it was none of their business and walked away, leaving Jack to save the day. Well, Jack's got nothing on Sawyer!! James has proved time and again what a great leader he is. Yes, he still lies through his teeth at times, but he has a good core (unlike some people *cough*ben*cough*).

C. Juliet is good stock. She had Jack's back against Ben, even though it put her at risk. And now she's got Sawyer's. (Excuse me...I mean LaFleur's. Haha! That is such a girlie name. Sorry Sawyer, but it is.) I love that she is so practical, agreeing to follow Sawyer's plan just so they could stop arguing and start moving. And I am SO grateful that she finally was able to deliver a Healthy baby to a Living Mom! It's about time!! (I am very nervous to see what they name this baby boy. That will be quite the gem of information.) Juliet is an amazing doctor, but she has been such a failure on the Island. And she takes personal responsibility for each lost patient, even though it's not her fault. I am so glad she was able to save Amy and her baby boy. Good job Juliet.

D. Sawyer and Juliet? Together? In Bed? Hahaha! I have to admit, I saw that coming, but talked myself out of it because I thought the Lost writers wouldn't let it happen. ;) Anyhoo, I'm glad they had each other during the three year wait. They seem pretty happy and comfortable with each other. And they both said "I Love You" to each other....But remember the lovely pep talk Sawyer gave to Horace. The one where he assured Horace that three years was long enough for Amy to get over Paul. I agreed with him. Three years is long enough to get over someone who is dead and you know is never coming back. But I knew he was lying about himself. He's in a different situation. His gal isn't dead. Which brings us to...

E. Jin finding Jack, Hurley, and Kate. I'm glad they're back. But COME ON! There are so many implications here.

1. They're all stuck in 1977?? That doesn't sound right. Why are they stuck in that time period? I just hope they know to watch out when little Ben Linus shows up. So they don't get killed with the rest of the Dharma Initiative.

2. But wait, will the Dharma guys accept Jack, Hurley and Kate into their camp? Because the excuse of lost shipmates cannot be used when people have been missing for three years.

3. If the Dharma doesn't accept them, where will they go? Will the Hostiles/Others accept them into their camp? Because it seems that in 1977 you have to be a part of on or the other. You can't just be on your own.

4. Will Sawyer dump Juliet for Kate? Does Kate even want Sawyer back? I think she does. But will her feelings of loyalty to Jack block her feelings for Sawyer? And what about Juliet? She is one of my favorite characters. I know she's a pragmatist. I know that she knows that Sawyer loved Kate. But sheesh! She said she loved Sawyer. And he said he loved her. So even if she is pragmatic about it, won't her heart still be broken?

5. Where are Sayid and Sun? It will be really stinky if Sun doesn't end up in 1977. We haven't seen too much of Jin's story line yet. I know he told Locke not to bring Sun back, so he probably won't be looking for her. But Jack, Kate and Hurley will surely tell Jin that Sun was on the plane with them. Then Jin will start worrying and redouble his search effort. And Sun! What will she do if she's stuck with Sayid? She toughened up in the last three years, so I'm not worried about her physically. I really think she can hold her own against Sayid. Not in hand-to-hand fighting. But I don't think she would let her guard down enough for it to come to that. Meanwhile, what is with Sayid? Did you see the previews? It looks likes he might be a double-dealer. Yikes!

F. And speaking of the previews, I saw Ben walking in the jungle. COME ON John! That man has killed you twice now! You saw him laying on the cot. Why didn't you kill him then? I know it's not in your nature, but COME On! Just do it. I know the Bible says Thou Shalt Not Kill, but you've already done the turn the other cheek thing. You already let him kill you twice. You really don't have to let it happen a third time. You can take preventive action. I'm sure Jacob would forgive you. Of course, if the other plane survivors are staring over your shoulder, I understand that you wouldn't want to kill him in front of them. But DUDE! You just told them that Ben is the man who killed you. Surely they would understand. Or at least, they would confine him. But then, Ben is a sneaky, manipulative little man. He probably woke up and told them that you were crazy and then when they stopped to look at you, he snuck out a window. Ey-yah!!!

How am I supposed to wait TWO WEEKS until the next episode??


John, Lisa and family said...

I can't read your post yet...the first 21 minutes of LOST recorded on our DVR last night said: "No need to call us-We are aware that this TV station is temporarily unavailable. We'll have this channel back as quickly as possible. Sorry for the interruption." Are they KIDDING??? Jonna had friends over last night about 9:00, we were all ready to sit down and watch it...and doggone it. Tried to get it on the internet too, not available last night yet. So, I can't read your spoiler until I see it first!!!!

Tina said...

Sarah, I love this post, and I'm sure I will come back and read it six more times!

Last night I was annoyed at all the new character introductions, and I kept saying, "I just want to see what is going on with Sun." I realize that the new characters are vital puzzle pieces, but I just wanted to see where (and when) everyone is.

Crunchyconmommy said...

Maybe I'm misremembering, but I thought that it looked from the previews like Sayid ended up in 1977, not present day. So Frank and Sun (who presumably left in the outrigger), John and Ben are the only ones in the present.

Great, great episode, I thought, even though it didn't push the mythology too much further yet (except for little tidbits like the rest of the four toed statue). I love Sawyer's growth here. It's like once he killed Locke's Dad, the original "Sawyer", he was free to be the James Ford he could have been before, you know? And I love Elizabeth Mitchell's acting, too. I hope she doesn't get her heart broken AGAIN, but I know she'll act the heck out of whatever her character's given!

I find the idea that maybe Juliet is the mom of Ben's childhood sweetheart Annie to be really intriguing...

John, Lisa and family said...

Ok, I just watched it on the internet!! You remind me of my kids...they remember details that I just can't! So, after reading your post, I tend lean towards Juliette being a positive mentor to Ben when he was a young troubled child. Just with the timeline, I don't think it's Juliette's child he was bonded to, it's THE Juliette. Anyhow...these writers are having way too much fun with us viewers, and I can only imagine they're getting a kick out of all the twists and turns they're putting us through!

Sabra said...

This show drives me crazy. I hate it but love it! There are so many possibilities.

Marilyn said...

i stopped watching about 2 months ago, it was too confusing and then i deleted 17 hours of lost from the tv. so now i had to go back and read all the synopsis and it is even more confusing. i don't even know who some of these people are. i don't want sayid to be on the bad side, he was one of my favorites.

Granni P said...

Ok, Sarah, that you can remember all the details from not only the last episode but years gone by, is amazing. You should hang out with my boys. They sound just like you. I love this crazy show, it is addicting! I do not like Juliette however. she drives me nuts! I think she was a lmentor to Ben but if she was, then why didn't she tell anyone else that she knew him as a child? I am confused. As usual! I will look for further enlightenment from your blog. Tina told me to check it out.