Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lost and Finally Decided!

Lost was again cRazY last night!!!

Charles Widmore saves John and gives him the new identity. Did anyone see that coming? Anyone? Widmore might not be the bad guy that Ben has painted him to be? Since the show I have been wracking my brain to remember what we know about Widmore. Yes, we know that he was a jerk to Desmond, but let's face it, at the time Desmond really wasn't a great catch for Penny. But other than that everything we've learned about Widmore has come from Ben. Now I've always doubted Ben. That's just part of his character. He's a creepy little guy. You think he's just a little nerd, then he goes all crAzY and kills everybody in sight! But then he'd do something to get back in our good graces.

However, after last night, I have finally decided...I do NOT like Ben. I do NOT trust him. And I don't care if he turns out to be the ultimate savior at the end of this series. I STILL will NOT like him! Crazy little BEN! I can't believe that he actually killed John! Again! After stopping his suicide and telling him how special he was. Maybe it's because I was super tired while watching this episode, but I completely did NOT see that coming! I mean...WOW!

Of course, he killed John before. And has killed multiple others, but I thought he was doing what Jacob wanted. That there was some higher purpose. But now I know that I was wrong. Sorry that I am so slow on the uptake. I thought that Ben was the island leader. I am doubting that now too. Remember when Jacob said "Help Me"? If Widmore was the leader then got tricked out by Ben, Ben could have just assumed leadership and told everyone that Jacob had given him the power. No one questions Jacob.

Oh My!!!

Fortunately, John is no longer dead. And he is standing over Ben's bed. Now, I don't want John to kill Ben, but I do want him to do...something! I don't know what. Just something. Aaaaah!

Now Jack trusts Ben. Sun, Sayid, Hurley and Kate do not. I hope everyone else can convince Jack to jump ship, but I'm worried that he will end up convincing them to trust Ben. And then they will all die. And I will cry and probably throw something at the TV. :(


Muir Family said...

I gave up on Lost a long time ago...things just go around in circles, nothing ever gets figured out...that crazy show. Could you email me your so I can send the pay if forward stuff as soon as I have it done. I hope you like it.

John, Lisa and family said...

I'm a huge LOST fan! As crazy as it's gotten...I have to stick with it to the end. kids and I were talking a lot about last week's episode...and I'm with you...I had a light bulb moment. Ben is like the one we don't speak of. He can be charismatic, he can do things that are obviously terrible, but he can still manipulate, confuse and talk people into trusting him, even after seeing what he's capable of. I finally said the words last week (even though some of my kids love Ben still)...he is EVIL! I'm actually enjoying the symbolism I'm seeing in this season. Glad to find a fellow fan!!!

Nancy Face said...

Oh, man! I didn't watch it this week for some reason that I can't even remember! I'm glad you caught me up!

Lauren said...

I didn't see the episode, so i skipped what you said.

I love Jack.
that is all.