Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time, I was driving alone at night when all of the sudden an airplane flys out of nowhere directly in front of me! The plane was only ten feet from the ground and it zoomed across the road. Cary Grant's picture in North by Northwest popped into my head and I braced myself for the plane to hit me. Then the plane pulled straight up, flipped around and dropped a load of anti-bug stuff on a crop of lettuce. Ummm. I guess I overreacted. ;)

Once upon a time, I was driving with my whole family at night. We were coming back from visiting family 200 miles away. When we left, our gas tank read 3/4 tank. Once we hit the freeway, it dropped to 1/2 tank. I assumed it would bob back up once our speed evened out. It never did. My van has a built-in system that tells how many miles you can drive at your current speed with what's left in your tank. It's supposed to be very accurate. When the needle neared the "E" the system said we still had 160 miles of gas left. As the needle passed the "E" and the "Tank Low" sign flashed the system said we had 140 miles left. We were almost home only three exits away, so I passed the first exit advertising gas. And of course my thirsty van protested by shutting down. On the freeway. In front of a semi-truck going 70 mph. Sorry dear van. I overestimated the reliability of the built-in system. Next time I will trust the little needle.

We were able to pull safely off the freeway and only had to push our van about a half mile to the nearest gas station. Good news: My hubby is committed to getting in shape. Having to push a mini-van really put things in perspective for him. Hahaha! ;)

Once upon a time my hubby was blind. Well, not really blind, but almost. He couldn't see without glasses or contacts. He decided torture was the best way to remedy his eye problems. The original procedure was done last Christmas. His eye-sight was much improved, but he still had to wear glasses. I am pleased (and slightly grossed out) to report that he had his follow-up procedure last month and he no longer requires glasses at all. You may be asking, What was the first thing he did upon receiving the all-clear from th eye doctor?? He drove straight to the DMV and got a new Driver's License with No Restrictions! It is a very big deal. To him. Me, not so much. But hey, Whatever makes him happy! Silly old man!


Laurie said...

Great stories!! I would freak out about the plane, too!

Marilyn said...

that was very interesting. kind of scary, but that is the way life happens

Tina said...

Once upon a time, when I first moved here, the little planes used to scare me too!