Sunday, February 22, 2009

Academy Award

WOW! I just finished watching the Academy Awards and I have to tell you...That was the best one I've seen in many years! Hugh Jackman was a great host. I especially loved all the musical numbers. The numbers from Slumdog Millionaire were the best. If you missed it, check around tomorrow on YouTube. I'm sure someone will have a copy up soon. It was a Bollywood number! They had women dressed in Indian dresses dancing so beautifully. I LOVED IT! That type of dance is just amazing to watch. It is beautiful and athletic at the same time. That combination is hard to pull off. But these women did. :)

I loved that there were no awkward jokes followed by awkward silence. The comedians usually do a good job, but it often felt like they were trying to hard (with the exception of Bob Hope and Whoopi Goldberg-seriously! that woman can do anything!). And I loved the way that the awards for Best Actor & Actress and the Best Supporting Actor & Actress were given. Five previous winners introduced each nominee and gave a few remarks about their performance. For example, in the Best Actress Category Sophia Lauren introduced Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine introduced Anne Hathaway. The actors and actresses that they got to do this were amazing! Usually the Oscars focus so much on the current people. It was nice to see some of the older ones remembered and cheered!!

The Previous Winners who participated were:

Angelica Houston
Whoopi Goldberg (love her!)
Goldi Hawn
Tilda Swinton
Eva Marie
Shirely MacLaine (love her!)
Marion Cotillard
Halle Berry
Nicole Kidman
Sophia Lauren
Joel Grey (love him!)
Robert DeNiro
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Adrien Brody
Christopher Walken
Michael Douglas
Alan Arkin
Kevin Kline (love him!)
Anthony Hopkins
Ben Kingsley

In case you're wondering, the "love him/her!" notices are on the people who have starred in MUSICALS! Haha! As Hugh Jackman proclaimed tonight, "The Musical is BACK!"

To which I answer, AMEN and Hallelujah! ;)

AND nobody bad-mouthed the President this time. How amazing is that! For, I don't know, about eight years someone's always had something bad to say about our President or some joke made at his expense. Well! Hollywood has turned over a new leaf. There is finally some respect for the Office of the President! Haha! I hope it will last. ;)


Crunchyconmommy said...

But did you catch Bill Mahar the idiot's remarks about how people will eventually come to their senses about how stupid the idea of God is? Or Sean Penn's statements that you and I will be ashamed to tell our grandchildrent that we were against "equality for all"? I had to pause the TV in the middle of his speech and skip over the rest of it before David threw something at the TV.

Crunchyconmommy said...

But you are right, it was a fun and sometimes funny show! (Didn't mean to just gripe!)

Sarah Blue said...

I caught Bill's remarks. It would be fun to stand next to him at the last day...You know, the one where every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ. Yeah, I want to be next to Bill and see his reaction.

And I laughed through Sean's remarks. Remember how he started: "You commy homo-loving sons of guns." He called his audience that twice, and they cheered him both times. And to be honest, I would expect nothing else from Hollywood. ;)

Laurie said...

Umm... I'm not really into movies much, so I don't really get into the awards shows. I honestly don't know what they're all for. Grammy, Emmy, Oscars... Obviously, I now know the Oscars are for movies, but yeah, that's about the extent of my knowledge about award shows. :S

I'm glad you enjoyed it, though!!

Nancy Face said...

I loved Hugh Jackman and his opening number! I enjoyed a lot of the things you mentioned! :)

What I didn't enjoy were the remarks and speeches by a couple of the winners. They pretty much bugged the heck out of me.

Lauren said...

Did you see Movie Edward? I did.