Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lost and Scared...

To anyone who watched LOST last night... (spoilers below!)

How many questions were you left with? Personally, I have several:

1. Did Ben just kill Penny??? Seriously! He was all bloody and beaten up and standing on a PIER! We all know that Desmond took his wife and child with him and that they live on a boat. Do you think Ben tried to kill little Charlie too? Is Desmond still alive? Aaaah!! That Scottish man was one of my favorite characters. I have a little hope for Des though. Afterall, Dan's Mom told him the island wasn't done with him yet...

2. Where is Aaron?? Kate would never have given him up without a fight. Unless, did she take him to his Grandma? Or did Ben win and get custody of Aaron? If he did, then why wasn't Aaron on the plane? Oh baby Aaron! I hope you're alright!

3. Sun just walked away from her baby...Really?? That just doesn't sound like her character. I assume the little one will be safe but don't you think Jin is going to be ticked to learn that his wife just left their daughter? I think he will be.

4. Is Hurley seeing more ghosts? He knew to be on the plane because "someone" told him. And what exactly was he told? Meanwhile, I love that he purchased all the extra seats. He has so much compassion.

5. What happened to Sayid's goatie? Who is that lady accompanying him to the plane? I'd ask why he was in handcuffs, but come on! We all know that Sayid has killed many people. I assume the cuffs are related to the murders. But why is he being taken to Guam? Did he kill someone there?

6. Who else made it back to the island? Ben? Sun? Captain Frank? I know John did because of the previews for next week. But that leaves another question...Who is that new guy? The one that said "Sorry for your loss" to Jack in the ticket line. Lost never highlights someone for no reason. And we got two good shots of that man's face.

And I think that is all of my questions. This season sure has been fun to watch. And I am SO glad that it is moving along more quickly. That third season was just about as bad as a Soap Opera. I almost stopped watching. I sure am glad that I stuck with it. And I can hardly wait until next week!!! Can You??


Crunchyconmommy said...

I know! It's been great! I was a little sad not to have anything from the island folks this time though (except for Jin at the very end).

1. I also REALLY hope that Ben didn't kill Penny. That said, I think that is certainly what he meant when he left the church. And I can't imagine that Desmond would EVER go back to the island without some humungous reason like avenging his wife and/or child. And if he did kill her, why was he all freaked out on the phone to Jack? He was already covered with blood and bruises, which would suggest that the deed was done (I hardly think even he would take a timeout from a bloody murder to make a phone call, then go back to it!). If he succeeded in killing her, he'd be done by that time and could go get Locke's body himself. So I hope not. Did that make any sense??

2. My vote for Aaron is that Kate realized that she had to go back to the island but was heeding her "dream" from Claire last season not to bring him back, and so either gave him to Claire's mother or maybe even sent him to Sun's mother to be with Ji Yeon (the last one is a little farfetched, probably). She is trying to protect Aaron from the island/Ben/etc. and so doesn't want to tell anyone where he is, and also is hurting from having to give up her "son", which I think explains her emotional state. I don't think anything dire happened to him, though.
3. Don't know about Sun. I don't think anyone has bothered to explain to her that this is almost certainly a one way ticket to island-land, so she may not realize that she just chose between her husband and daughter.
4. Don't know about Hurley. Could be more ghosts. Also love how he bought the tickets. Jack thought about the other people on the plane, too, but only in a cursory way and not until it was too late.
5. Don't know why exactly he's in custody, but I suggest that Guam was supposed to be the first stop of whatever trip he's supposed to be taking (maybe going back to Iraq, or somewhere for one of the international murders he committed while working for Ben?). Given the whole "proxy" thing with Locke standing in for Jack's Dad, I think he's standing in for Kate and the Marshall in the original crash. And I saw an online theory that Kate is pregnant, so she'll act as proxy for Claire. Kind of like that theory.
6.Can't wait to see! I'm guessing they all made it to the island. My big question is, did they all make it to the same TIME? And didn't you love Frank's deadpan line: "This plane isn't going to Guam, is it?" Awesome.

And my final question is, since Eloise Hawking told them they had 36 hours, and at the beginning after Jack woke up on the island we had a screencard saying "46 hours earlier", did they miss their window? Is that why there was a flash during the "crash"? It seems obvious that they accidentally ended up in the '70s, so was that according to some master plan or pure accident? And going back to the earlier question of who ended up on the island, if it was accident, did some people end up at a different point in time?

Okay, enough geekdom for me today. I didn't mean to write so much! I'd better go back and you know, parent my child or something!

Nancy Face said...
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Nancy Face said...

EEEK! I hope Ben didn't kill Penny! :0

I love Hurley.

Sabra said...

I'm so done with LOST. I of course can't stop watching, but this season is really upsetting me. I hate time travel!