Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quilting vs. Newborn Baby

I am on the e-mail list of a local quilt shop. A few days ago I received this notice:

"We are making arrangements for a quilting cruise for 7 days to the Mexican Riveria April 25 to May 2. We are working with Tour West Travel. The cost include cabin, taxes and port charges and range from $ 499 - $779 depending on the type of cabin you want. We will be sending out a flyer soon. We will be joining Memory Lane Quilt Shop for this cruise! We will not have any "famous" people on the cruise to teach classes but we will all be there to keep you busy and entertained!"

I've got to tell you, when I first read this I thought: "Surely the old quilting ladies wouldn't mind if a newborn attended the cruise. And I could totally sew with one hand and nurse with the other. I know all the grandmas would help me out if I needed a break. And I'm sure my doctor wouldn't mind inducing my a couple weeks early so I could be a far enough into the post-partum recovery to really enjoy the cruise and participate fully..."

Haha! Can you believe the craziness that is me! I sure can't. There is no way I can go on a cruise with a newborn. Especially not mere weeks after giving birth! I told Hubby about my crazy few minutes of considering this. He just laughed at me and said the hormones really must be messing with my brain. He's right! I'm usually a pretty rational gal. And taking a newborn on a cruise while still recovering from giving birth to said newborn is definately NOT rational thinking.

So I' m not going on the quilting cruise. Oh well.

But hey! Maybe the cruise will be such a great success they'll do it again next year. I mean, I could totally leave a one-year old in the care of his Dad for a few days. Really! Hubby could absolutely handle that! Don't you think??? ;)


Brenda said...

I got the same email! My thoughts were: Who wants to go on a crusie and sew?? If I'm going on a cruise, sewing is the last thing I want to do. I don't think your mising much! Turn on the travel channel and pull out the sewing machine! You'll be there for free-kids and all!
Ok, maybe the hormones are getting to me! Whatever you choose to do have A Happy New Year!

Christina said...

I didn't like the one cruise I went on and swore I would never go again, until I heard about quilting cruises. I think it would be great to have a week to quilt with no distractions. If/when you decide to go, let me know. Maybe I'll join you.

MomBabe said...

Oh sure, go to THAT conference and not MINE. pffht.

Megan said...

I'm going on a sock knitting cruise when I turn 40- want to join me for that one? Fred would probably jump for joy if he got pardoned from being my escort on that one!