Monday, December 14, 2009

They Have Returned!

Annie is officially over. Hooray!
This afternoon Rose and Anne came home from school, finished their homework in twenty minutes flat, and left to play with friends!!! They were so excited. They got to play until close to 6:00 pm. And when they got home, they were happy. No meltdowns. No exhaustion. No rushing about trying to find their jazz shoes and the tube of lipstick. Nope. They were calm and happy! It was refreshing. I should clarify...Both girls were thrilled to be in Annie, but it was a lot of work. It took most of their free time away. Plus it sapped at their energy levels. And, as every Mom knows, when you mix exhaustion and stress into a little girl you will end up with (as we refer to it in our family) a melted mess of a kid.
Hubby got home just in time for dinner. He was calm and happy too. No rushing to shove food down his throat before going in search of the eyeliner. No rushing to change his clothes and get out the door. Just calm. It was great! Joe had a performance this evening with his Kindergarten class, and even getting ready for that, everyone was calm! So nice! No stress. No rushing about. Just calm. *sigh* It's so nice to have my family back.
And as I am typing this, the girls are in bed sleeping and Hubby is on the couch watching Dr. Who. He was three episodes behind! Poor guy! Haha! He watched the first episode, The Next Doctor, last night. Currently he is watching The Planet of the Dead. And while I'm on the subject, I have to say...I am going to really miss David Tenant playing The Doctor. He has done such a great job. I've really fallen in love with his Doctor. And I just know the final two episodes are going to really pull at the heartstrings. For one thing, they are bring back Donna (Catherine Tate). I am so happy about this. I hated how they ended her story. It was such a kick in the bum! I hope she gets her memories back or at least finds her Silent Man.
Anyhoo, I'm glad to have my family back. Now I can have Hubby paint my bathroom. ;)


Kimmy said...

Hooray for less stress!

Christina said...

When I saw the title of the post, I thought you were talking about the pigeons. I was glad to learn that it was your dear family that have returned and not those dirty birds.