Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stupid LOST Writers


I told Hubby those dumb Lost writers hated me. I told him they were out to get me. I told him they killed every character that I loved. He told me I was just being pessimistic. After all, none of the characters he liked had died. Well, those Lost writers did it again. And sure, they were all bound to die if the bomb went off anyways, but no. They had to tear out my heart with Juliet first. Sucking her in the black hole also known as the Swan. Ripping her out of Sawyer's hands. Then after that traumatic experience they made her, that wonderful, selfless, and determined woman set off the bomb, just so that everyone would be okay and so she wouldn't have to remember losing Sawyer. And sure, a bunch of other stuff happened during the two-hour finale. A bunch of really awesome stuff. And I'm so excited that all the hints and teasers from the past seasons are finally coming together. But that was all eclipsed by Juliet's last moments. Now I know that chances are that Juliet isn't really dead after all, but even if she makes it her life will be so different. She was such a shy, reserved gal when she first came to the Island. Her experiences there, especially her experiences with the plane survivors, helped mold her into the terrific character that we now and love. Aargh.

Moving on...

1. Who was that guy talking to Jacob in the first scene? Talk about an enlightening conversation. After watching the whole show, I'm drawn to the idea that the two men are some sort of Fates. The Greeks' Fates were women who wove the lives of those on earth into their tapestry. Does anyone else see that connection? I know there are hieroglyphics everywhere, so I'm thinking that Jacob is an ancient predecessor of the Greek Fates. An ancient Egyptian Fate. Of course, I could totally be out in left field with that theory, but you know the Lost writers love to those us for a loop. I've also toyed with the idea of them being Gods. Don't laugh. You know those crazy Lost writers could totally pull that storyline off! ;)

2. Hubby was pretty impressed with me. I called every character that Jacob visited as soon as I saw them. I even called John falling out the window. Not that was crazy to watch. I also called that there was a body in the box Alana was protecting. But I totally did NOT see it coming that the body inside was John. Whoa! I sat bolt upright when I saw John's body. And then the Lost writers sucked me back into feeling sorry for Ben and liking him again. *sigh* I knew it was only a matter of time. And it looks like Ben was following Jacob's orders all along. *double sigh* So I really can't fault him for all the evil he had done. He really was just trying to follow Jacob and do all he could for the Island. It will be interesting to see how that plays out next season. The ramifications of it all. But in the meantime, let us theorize as to how Ben could actually kill Jacob in the first place. These aren't in the correct order, just the order of me remembering them:

Step 1) Fake John arranged for Richard to tell Real John that he needed to die.

Step 2) Real John trusting Richard because Richard talks to Jacob and John trust them both.

Step 3) Getting Ben ticked at Jacob. BTW that was good work by Fake John. Now, I should mention that I think Fake John is the other man from the first scene. And I know that he has been plotting against Jacob for a long time. How do I know? Psh. Did you watch the first scene? That was the Black Pearl in the distance. Anyhoo, back to getting Ben ticked with Jacob. I assume that Fake John had something to do with inciting Whidmore's men to kill Alex. I am also thinking that he may have had something to do with Ben getting cancer. Fake John and Jacob are antagonists. Although Jacob appears pretty laid back about it. That leads me to believe that Jacob is the main guy in charge while Fake John is second place. It's weird to think that Jacob wasn't the bad guy. I really got sucked into that fake-out.

Step 4) Bringing Ben back to the Island, since he was the real leader!!! I don't know if John was ever the real leader. Looking back it seems like Jacob never officially made John the leader. Wasn't it Ben who first said that John should watch over the Islanders as Ben was leaving the Island? Did Ben really have the authority to pass his leadership on? Also, it seems like Fake John told Richard that Real John would be the leader per Ben, then Real John told Richard several years earlier that he would be their leader. And Richard bought that. BUT no one realized that it was really Fake John who put everything into motion. That being the case, of course Ben could go into the foot to see Jacob, after all Ben was the leader! And Fake John was just along for the ride. I'm also suspecting that the smoke monster might be under the control of (or the same thing as) Fake John. Hmmm. Something else to think about.

We could assume that John really was the leader upon Ben's departure, but then wouldn't Ben be able to reclaim that position upon returning to the Island? So that makes Ben the leader still! And the leader has a choice whether to follow or not. It's kind of ironic that Ben, the master manipulator, was played so well by Fake John. So well that Ben turned on Jacob. And only the leader had that choice. Only the leader had the power to kill Jacob. That was an amazing scene to watch. It is completely reminiscent of a story I once read where the people mistakenly turn on their Gods. But my brain is too muddled to remember the name of that story. I do remember I heard it in one of my ancient religion courses. BTW Religious studies are absolutely fascinating. :) I also think there must have been something special about the knife Ben used to kill Jacob....

Oh! And I wonder who is coming? And why Fake Jacob got a bit nervous about it and pushed Jacob's body into the fire. It makes me think about Cain and Abel and the Lord coming for a visit. Haha! I know their are also similar stories in Egyptian and Greek lore, but I am too tired to remember the names and particulars of those stories. Sorry.

3. This was one of the best episodes I've seen. It was fast-paced, every character was featured, some questions were answered while more were raised, and finally, finally, the teases from seasons past are being brought together for a resolution.

4. I'm still concerned about the time traveling theories. I hope Faraday ends up least partially. I really don't want Rose and Bernard never finding the Island. How perfect was that to see them. They were two of my favorite characters. Oh. I guess the Lost writers didn't kill off all my favorites after all. Sorry I called you stupid. Just try not to mess with them anymore. Let them at least have a Happily Ever After. Please???

And now my brain really is too tired to think anymore. I have to finish painting my living room tomorrow and I need sleep. So, good night! And try not to freak out thinking that we have to wait until 2010 to see what will happen with the Lost gang. ;)


Crunchyconmommy said...

Yeah, I totally cried. And I'm not much of a "sentiment" crier (more of a "rage and frustration" cryer!). I hope she's okay in the grand scheme of things, but on the other hand, Elizabeth Mitchell has been cast in the remake of "V" this fall, so who knows if she'll be back on Lost?

I can't believe it didn't occur to me that the loophole was that Ben was still the real leader and thus "fake Locke" needed him to get into Jacob's home! I can't wait to see what happens next. Oh, and some of the message boards I checked out were referring to the bad guy from the first scene as "Esau". Intriguing!

Also loved the Rose and Bernard scene, and think it probaby confirms that they are Adam and Eve from the cave in season one, no?

Yikes, I love this show!

Sabra said...

"The waiting is the hardest part."-Tom Petty

John, Lisa and family said...

When Hank realized last night that he'll probably be on his mission when the last season starts...he was BUMMED!