Saturday, May 16, 2009

President Who?

I was playing with my children this afternoon when the topic turned to politics. It was such an odd and funny conversation that I had to share it.

Joe comes to me, sounding so sad and dejected.

Joe: Dash wants Obama to be our President.

Me: That's good because Mr. Obama is our President.

Joe: Yeah, well, I don't want him to be our President.

Me (taken aback): You don't? Who do you want to be our President?

Joe: I want our old President back.

Me: You want President Bush back?

Joe: No. Not him. The other President.

Anne: Do you mean President Hinckley? Gordon Hinckley?

Joe: No. Not him.

Rose: Good. Because he's dead.

Joe: Not Obama. Not Hinckley. Not Bush. The other one. President Maw...

Me: President Monson?

Joe: Yeah. Him. I liked him. I want him to still be President. Not Obama.

Haha! I quickly explained to Joe that President Monson is still our President. He is the President of the Church and our religious leader and will be for quite a while. I also told him a little about President Obama and his role for our country. I'm not sure Joe understood it all, but he is much relieved that Monson is still our Prophet & President.


Christina said...

I agree with Joe, I much prefer President Monson to Obama. He must be a good judge of character.

Nancy Face said...

Joe is a very smart boy! I agree with him! :D

Deck The HALLS of HOME with JOY! said...

That is cute! How is your painting coming along?

Tina said...

You were only slightly incredulous when you thought he wanted President Bush back? ;)

Joe knows who to want!