Friday, May 8, 2009

Following the LOST Leader

I'm late getting this post up. I didn't watch all of LOST Wednesday night. I went book shopping instead. Oh how I love to read! I purchased Beowulf and Canterbury Tales and two quilt magazines. Hooray! I got so caught up in looking around the bookstore that I was late getting back for Lost. And Thursday was spent painting my living room and patching holes in my dining room. I just now watched the first fifteen minutes that I missed. And here are my thoughts:

1. Crap!! Daniel is all the way dead! I thought they might try to patch him up, keep him alive for at least a few days. Afterall, Jack the surgeon is hiding in the jungle mere yards away. What is the point of having surgeon Jack on the island? Grrr. And they managed to keep Kid Ben alive when he was shot by Sayid. Maybe it's because Daniel was shot with a rifle and Kid Ben was shot with a handgun. Maybe that's the difference. But I think the real difference is that the Lost Writers knew that I liked Daniel. They always kill off the characters that I like. :(

2. Kate is driving me nuts. First, she refuses to believe in Faraday's plans and calculations. She could have really screwed things up when Eloise was questioning Jack about Daniel's journal. Then she waltzes back to Dharma and gets thrown in a sub with Sawyer and Juliet. And Sawyer starts looking at her funny again. We have already established that Juliet is one of my all-time favorite characters. That said, I know that the Lost writers are plotting against her. No doubt Sawyer will run to Kate's arms, leaving Juliet behind. Actually, what I think will really happen is that Juliet will sacrifice her own life so that Sawyer can be safe and happy. Because Juliet is fabulous like that and the Lost writers hate any character that I like.

3. It is neat that Richard is in two seperate groups tyring to fix the island. I find Richard's character very interesting. I can't wait to hear his story. He's not a "dead" guy like Christian. I assume that because Christian and the other dead people don't ever touch anyone, but Richard can touch. He's different somehow. I really want to see his story.

4. John was stupid and naive again. I don't care that the island talks to him and he just "knows" things. Obviously the island forgot to tell him to keep his trap shut and his plans to himself. I mean, Come On!!! He told Ben that he plans on killing Jacob. What is that about? Now, I did assume that Jacob and the Island were the same. It looks like I was wrong. But the Island, in hte form of Alex, did tell Ben to follow John and do whatever John told him to do. The Island has also led John several times to do things. But then there's Jacob. When John was in the cabin with Ben and Jacob, Jacob asked John to help him. So, is John going to help Jacob by killing him? Or is John lying to Ben because he isn't so naive and has an actual plan that somehow Ben is going to help in??? I just don't know! I didn't think John was much of a liar, but he lied to Sun. Well, I guess he didn't technically lie. He told Sun that he would help her get back to Jin, so maybe he meant that they would both be dead and oculd be together in Heaven. Hmmm. It will be interesting to see what happens.

I loved John and Ben watching Richard and John in the jungle. That was GREAT! Isn't it interesting that John asked Ben if he had ever actually seen Jacob. Ben hadn't. Which makes me wonder if Ben and Richard have actually spoken to Jacob... They seem to have. But I don't know. Everything is very iffy right now. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

I also liked that John wasn't a big, baby tattle-tale. He could have ratted out Ben to Richard. Told Richard how he died. John didn't though. Ben did tell Richard later that he tried to kill John. But I don't know if that counts. Because Ben didn't try to kill John, he did kill John.

5. I LOVED that Sayid saved Jack and Kate from getting shot. Yahoo! He really is such a gerat character. I'm glad he's back. He will be a great asset to Jack. I've always enjoyed the scenes that Sayid is a part of.

With that said, we nee to address Sayid and Kid Ben. Sayid's reaction on learing that Kid Ben was still alive was fantastic! But come on! How could he not see that coming. I mean, Sayid, for a trained assassin, how could you think that one bullet to the torso area would kill Kid Ben? I thought you were smarter than that. If you wanted to really kill Kid Ben then you should have shot him in the head too. Then he would be dead dead. You know that gun had at least two bullets in it, probably more. Sayid could have unloaded the whole gun. But he didn't, because he was too emotional when trying to kill Kid Ben. That's the reason I see. Sayid, for all the awful things he'd done, had never killed a child. And Kid Ben totally trusted Sayid and helped him. That's why I think Sayid wasn't as focused as he usually is when killing.

6. I love that Hurley, Jin, and Miles are a group. That will be some good fun! And I love that Dr. Chang know that Miles is his son. I love that Miles saw his Dad saying horrible things to his Mom and understood that Dr. Chang only said those things to get her off the Island so that she and baby Miles would be safe. I'm just sorry that Mom and Miles spent the rest of their lives believing that their dad/husband was a jerk that didn't love them. That's just sad. :(

7. What is with all the ancient writings all over the tunnels? They look just like the writings in the Temple. Are we ever going to learn that story? Or the story of the four-toed giant? I hope so!

My Hubby has a theory. He thinks the whole point of Flight 589 coming to the Island in the first place was to kill Jacob. He thinks that everything has led to this one great action. I'm not sure how he thinks Jacob is going to die, but Hubby is convinced that he Must! Hubby also thinks that Faraday's plan is going to work. And that everything will then be set right. I'm not sure about that. Because if everything goes back, wouldn't that also bring Jacob back?

Time travel is such an odd element. And every person who writes about it sets up different rules for their type of time travel regarding the impact to the present and the future. And the rules can often get very confusing and more often than not, writers end up breaking their own Time Travel rules in order to propel their story forward and bring it to a neat conclusion. I'm not sure yet what the Lost writers rules for Time Travel are and so am not sure of the ramifications of each action. Again, it will be interesting to watch it play out. I just hope the Lost writers already know their Time Travel rules and follow them completely. I would hate to think that they're just making it up as they go or that they would change their rules in order to bring about a different ending than what their rules would require.

Hopefully you understood that Time Travel rant. If not, you need to go to your library and check out some ,Jules Vernes novels, the Time Traveler's Wife, or any other sci-fi Time Travel related series. Or you could just start watching Dr. Who. ;)


Christina said...

I am so clueless when it comes to "Lost." Cameron tries to tell me what happened on each show, but it doesn't make any sense to me. So, what color are you painting? And what quilt magazines did you get? (Those are things I do totally get-hehe)

Sabra said...

I was irritated Sayid didn't kill Little Ben with one shot. What kind of marksman misses that kind of shot? Strange.

TAMMY said...

I didn't read this post because I am not caught up on Lost. But I posted a comment to your Easter post:)

John, Lisa and family said...

Hi Sarah-
Hey, can you email me your address? I looked it up in the White Pages, pretty sure I found it, but want to be sure. Hank wants to send you a graduation announcement. (This is NOT a request for a gift...we just want to send you his picture and announcement!) Do you have my email?

Nancy Face said...

Wow! You're getting tons done in your house! I'm so impressed! :)

Granni P said...

This whole time travel thing has turned me nuts and I quit watching. I will rent the whole season and watch from start to finish at some point but when you have the same person in the same time but at different ages, that is not believable. My fantasies have to have some element of truth or I just can't get behind it! so there is my rant!! One spiritual mortal being cannot occupy the same space in my time continuum!!