Monday, November 17, 2008


I love coordinating costumes at Halloween. They are one of my favorite things! One year we dressed up as the scooby gang. There are six of us now and I wanted our costumes to be really great. It was a struggle trying to think of something. First, I thought we could all be clowns. The kids vetoed that. Next I thought of every cartoon I had watched growing up. But none of them seemed right. Then I was talking to my Mom over the phone. I was telling her how things were done in Kansas, but that it was different now. Her reply: "Well, Sarah. You're not in Kansas anymore." Eureka!

We decided to be the Wizard of Oz and Wicked. (Wicked because then the Wicked Witch is really good, just misunderstood)

The Scarecrow
(he even walks like the scarecrow should)

The Robot aka Tin Man
(he insisted on being called a robot. i figured why not. their both made of metal.)
 Elphaba the Wicked Witch of the West

(orginally she wanted green all over, but the paint felt "weird and yucky" so we just did her face.)

Glinda the Good Witch of the North(she got to wear lip gloss for her makeup)

Dorothy Gale
(i wanted to be a witch, i already had the costume, but the girls trumped me. kind of a big Dorothy.
must be those hearty Kansas vittles that caused her to grow so big. haha)

Cowardly Lion
(this was a hard picture to get. it took me two weeks to catch that cowardly critter!)

I made my dress. The girls' dresses were from previous Halloweens, I just embellished them. The robot is completely hand-made. Can you tell?? Haha! So is the lion's head. I am SUCH an artisit. Not! Hahahaha!!! The most important thing: my kids thought their costumes were the best ever. They were so impressed with my skills. I tell you, kids are very good for the self-esteem. :)


Laurie said...

I LOVE you as Dorothy!!

Christina said...

SO Cute!!!

JrJr Moreys said...

The witch of the north is looking more and more like you everyday!

Nancy Face said...

The costumes all look GREAT! :D

Brandi said...

I love the Kansas idea. I may copy you next year. You guys look so cute!