Friday, January 14, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

During the kids' winter break we visited extended family in the Phoenix area. It was quite the adventure, but I'll save those stories for later. This post is about HAIR!

I am really picky about my hair. You might not think so if you saw me, but I am. And I'm pretty picky about who I let cut my hair. I have had some crazy bad experiences in the past.

My sister V lives around Phoenix and does hair. While we were in town I scheduled appointments for the three Blue Girls to get our hair trimmed.

Anne went first. This girl has been growing her hair out for three years. She's had it trimmed here and there. But no major cuttage. And she has LOVED having long, long hair. Until Thanksgiving. Then she decided that she wanted a bob and to donate her long hair to Locks of Love.

We've donated to Locks of Love in the past. Rose, Anne, and I all donated in January 2008...three years ago. Rose donated again a few months ago. At the time, Anne and I decided to keep our long hair long and just got trims. Now Anne donating again.

First, Aunt V combed and combed Anne's hair. Anne has super thick hair with a bit of wave.

Then Aunt V sectioned Anne's hair into four ponytails.

Then came the cutting.

Miss Anne posing with her cut locks.

Anne has four thick ponytails to donate. Look at that Gorgeous Color!!!

After the locks were cut, the styling began. Aunt V wet down Anne's hair and went to work.  The final result...

Aunt V was going to blow dry it, but we told her not to bother. It was raining pretty steadily outside and we knew it would just end up wet again. :)

Next up was Rose.

She had gotten a bob a few months prior when she donated her longer locks. But her hair grows quickly! She was already in need of a trim.

Aunt V got to work snipping and shaping and buzzing. The final result...

Rose loves that it is shorter in the back than the front.

I came back later that day for my turn.  The only cuts that I have had in the last three years are the occasional 1/2 inch trim and one time I cut bangs. My hair is super-long.

But I was ready for a change.

I don't know if this ever happens to you, but there are times in my life where I just have this insane urge to chop all my hair off just so I have something different in my life. Well, I'd been having one of those urges for the entire month prior.

I was ready to ask V for a shaggy bob and to color the hair black. Hahaha!

Luckily, I had a whole month to think about it and make a rational decision. I certainly didn't want to do anything I would regret.

My end result, a new long style and bangs.

You might not be able to tell, but V cut four inches from my length. FOUR! I thought between that and my bangs short again my crazy urges would be cured.

They weren't.

A few days ago I decided the problem was my bangs were too long. So I chopped them shorter. They now look ridiculous and basically stick straight up. I would include a picture but it is too embarrassing. It's bad enough people have to see me in person with the weird bangs!

But at least now I know that the bang length isn't the problem because I'm still having that strong urge to chop all my hair off and color it cRAzY. 

Maybe the change of going back to school will be enough to shake my hair cutting urges.

Then again, maybe not...

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I say Go.For.It!!! There is nothing I love better than changing it up every 6 weeks with the color or whatever. It is so fun! And I laugh now because when I was young I thought to myself "I will never cut my hair or dye it." Now it's my favorite thing. The best part about it is it always grows back and you can do something different any time you feel like it. So do it!!! Love the new haircuts!