Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Real Story

Well, we finally dragged the real story out of Miss Q. Hubby was right. She was lying the first time.

The real story is in an attempt to win a friend Miss Q lent the library item to a gal in her class. A gal that she did not know the name of, nor the address nor the phone number. Hubby and I told her she had 24 hours to get the item back and I gave her the death glare while saying this, so she knows we mean business.

As for her money, she has blown it on water bottles and extra lunches at school. Now, please keep in mind that we gave her a GIANT reusable water bottle. All she has to so is take it to school with her. To remember! In addition to the giant one we gave her, she has about seven of her own, in what she calls her "water bottle collection". Aaaah!  I just can't believe she is wasting a dollar a day (sometimes more) on something she could have for free if she just took time to prepare.

And the extra lunches. That's really throwing me for a loop right now. Why??  For a couple reasons.

1) Miss Q claims to hate what is served for lunch. She is constantly complaining about it. How the food is cooked properly. How the juice tastes funky. How one item or another made her want to puke.  And yet she is getting SECONDS???

2) Per doctor's instructions, she is to increase her activity level and decrease her food intake. This part is funny. The gal is about the same size as my nine year old Rose, yet weighs more than me, and Eats more than Hubby! Now I am no bird eater, but for someone to out-eat Hubby, who is a Six foot, Five inch tall, calorie-burning MAN....Well, that is an accomplishment.

Anyhoo, Miss Q was in a heap of trouble for lying. We lectured her and restricted her privileges and told her if she did it again she'd be in for another heap of trouble. The poor girl was freaking out a bit the whole time. She thought Hubby and I were going to yell at her and call her names. I did tell her what she did was dumb, but that she herself isn't dumb. We told her to go to her room and start working on her reading assignments. She then asked, "So, you aren't kicking me out?"


Hubby and I were floored.

We told her, "Of Course NOT!"  And asked where she would have gotten that idea from. She said it had happened in the past. Hubby told her that she is our daughter right now and we do NOT kick family out. He told her we may have to reprimand you and give you consequences that you don't like, but we will never kick you out.

I have to say, it is amazing what crap these kids go through. I just hope we can make a positive difference in this little gal's life.

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