Sunday, November 8, 2009


Cakes and I delivered the last fundraiser item yesterday evening. Hooray! All the fundraiser items are out of my house. Well, except for the deceased man's cookies. I just don't know what to do with those...
Anyhoo, after we dropped off the last package, Cakes wanted to keep walking around the block. Fine with me. A little fresh air and exercise is good for the body. He led the way, stopping every so often to watch ants, pick up rocks, or point out birds flying. The funniest stop was at a house that had just thrown down seed for winter grass.
Cakes: "Eeeww! Poopy!! Yuck! Wook Mom. Poopy!!! Eew Yuck!"
Me: "That's not poop. That's just fertilizer. Oh, wait..."
Haha! The kid is right. It was poopy. ;)

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Lisa and Troy Love said...

I was trying to explain to Lizzy why it smells so poopy outside these days. As I listened to myself tell her that people put cow poop on their lawn to help it grow I heard how ridiculous it must have sounded to her. We are crazy people!