Sunday, January 18, 2009

Paranoid Husband


So, my husband has become paranoid.

Due to the nature of his work, he is worried that stalkers or rapists or murderers or other not-nice peoples might get really mad at him and think about taking it out on his wife and kids.

I have tried to assure him that we will be okay. But he works with other paranoid guys who share (and applify) his concerns. One guy is so bad that when he and his family go to a movie, they sit in different parts of the theater so no one will know they're together. Umm. Okay. I think that is carrying it a bit too far. Maybe not.

Either way, my husband is freaking out a bit. He thinks the best and safest thing would be for me to make this blog private again. Since it was a huge decision to take this public in the first place, I'm not going to go private again. So we have reached a compromise.

I am going back and removing his name from every entry. He will henceforth be known as "Hubby". I am also removing references to the town we live in. From henceforth we live in the town of "Vaude Ville". And I will not reference his work or employer. Which is sad for you. Because he has a super-cool job that is a great asset to our community. And he has some absolutely hysterical stories (in addition to the freaking scary stories that are the catalyst to this post).

Of course, everyone who reads this blog already knows us in person. (And I don't think any of YOU want to hurt us.) And so you already know what city we live in, and my hubby's real name and job. But just don't mention it on the blog. Please. And Thank You!


He just asked me to rename the kids too. So, yeah. If you get confused, sorry. But it will keep my hubby sane. ;)

And I'm deleting all comments that reference our city's real name or the family members' real names. Please don't be offended. I still love you.


Laurie said...

We tried doing that before I went private. It's confusing! But that's okay. Safety first!!

Okay, seriously, the word verification today is "stalin". Those things crack me up! I'm thinking of doing a post about the word verification words that come up!

Sabra said...

Thanks for the warning! I would love to make up fake names for everything and everyone. Sounds kinda fun.

cappy and pegody said...

Ya can't be too careful these days, we are always careful not to use last names or towns or companies etc. call it paranoid if ya wanna I say it pays to be safe.