Friday, January 23, 2009

Guest at MomBabe's


I was a guest poster at my dear sister MomBabe's blog yesterday. I wracked my brains, trying to think of something for her blog. And then we had our evening family prayers, and inspiration struck.

Now this is real. I did not make this up. These are my five-year old sons exact words! How did I manage to get his prayer verbatim. Well, it was the way he said the prayer. Imagine hearing these word said slowly, very, very slowly, with each vowel drawn out for at least a full two seconds. And then imagine me, trying to be reverent and trying so hard not to laugh during my son's prayer.

"Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for today. Please to help me not say poop and pee at dinner so my mom won't make me do sit-ups a lot. And thank you that we can go to the movie peter and watch a movie today. And thank you for the baby that's in my mom's stomach. Umm. But she's not pregnant yet, so please bless that she can have a baby in her tummy. And that's okay if it's a boy or a girl, Heavenly Father, because you can decide, if you want to…If it's a baby brother… or a baby sister…, because that's okay whichever one you choose. Because I would like a brother or a sister.

Name of Jesus Christ. Amen."

After his prayer, this sweet boy flashes me the biggest grin ever, a mixture of happiness and pride. He confidently tells me: "I know Heavenly Father answers prayers and don't worry Mom, he will answer mine and you will get to have another baby soon."

Sheesh! We just got the boy a dog. Now he wants a baby too! I just can't win with him! Haha! And don't you love how he gives GOD permission to pick the sex of the baby? Well, I guess that's fair, considering that he, in his prayers a few years ago, picked the sex of BabyCakes. In those prayers he asked Heavenly Father to send him a brother and Heavenly Father complied. It really does seem fair that this time he's decided to let God have a turn picking the sex. ;)


Beth said...

Oh my gosh! I read her blog, and somehow didn't notice that you were the guest poster! Fun!

Hope all is well in the town of X!

Love to Mr. X and all the little Xs!

Christina said...

Your little man is adorable! I just love the things they say in prayers at this age.

Tina said...

I think that's how we got our fifth child...from the prayers of the fourth child. In our case, the request for a sister materialized. When the little one drives the big one crazy now, I say, "You are the one who prayed her here!"

You were actually reverent for that prayer? Amazing...:)