Saturday, May 14, 2011


My first semester of graduate classes is officially over.

Final grades are starting to trickle in.

I have the final results from three classes

And guess what!


I earned an "A" in two classes and a "P" in the third.

In the two "A" classes, I scored 100% on all assignments. Holy Smokes Batman! I think all my Mom's mean and ridiculously thorough editing of any paper I ever wrote as a kid has finally paid off! Hahaha!  Thanks Mom!

In the "P" class, that was a Pass or Fail only class. A pass only required a 76% or higher. I scored a 99.5%!  Mwhahaha!

I like college so much more than I ever liked high school!  My grades fare so much better when my grades on based on the actual work I produce and when I only have to attend classes once a week.

High school was tough!

I had to go to class everyday, ALL day!

That might not seem like a big thing, since everyone in America has the same requirement.

However, for this sicky asthmatic kid, getting to school everyday was not an easy thing.  And my grades suffered greatly.

So I am thrilled that in college, I am doing well.

Hooray for me!

And Hooray for classes that only meet once a week! :)

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