Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Silly Things Said...

Joe has been saying the funniest things lately. I've been keeping track for the last month, trying my best to remember the exact words he used.

1. In the paint store, two men were standing next to us in line and started speaking Spanish. My son pipes up, "Hola! Uno, Dos. That's all the Spanish I know, but my mom, she is learning Spanish at her class and she knows what you are saying."

The men just stared at him. Dumbfounded. And a little worried. Hmm. I wonder exactly what they were saying. ;)

2. At home, I tell him he can have X snack or Y snack. He says, "Oh, you can decide. I'll take whichever one you want me to have."

To which I reply, "You're the one who'll eat it, so you pick."

Him, slightly disgusted and trying to be patient, "Mom, I am letting you pick....I am being nice and a gentleman. (insert slight growl) You. Pick."

3. He's been learning to read in preschool. I was having him read a book to me. After one page he groans in frustration then declares: "My brain is just damned."

Me: What?!?

Joe: You know Mom. Damned.

Me: Do you mean dam, like a beaver builds a dam? Or damn, like you will be damned to hell if you don't follow the commandments?

Joe: Umm. (looking rather taken aback) Well. I didn't know it meant that.

4. While having a serious discussion with me regarding how long it will take Heavenly Father to answer his prayer and send him a baby, I pointed out that he already has a baby brother.

Joe: Yeah. But he's not fun. He always gets in my stuff and breaks it and he cries and has poopy diapers that stink and he can't play ball with me.

Me: That's what all babies do.

Joe: (dumbfounded)

Me: And a new baby can't do anything but eat and sleep for a long time. You're very lucky to have BabyCakes because he's already two and can play with you.

Joe: Well... I still want another baby to play with. Anne can play with BabyCakes.



Christina said...

This made me laugh! I love the things kids say.

Kimmy said...