Thursday, July 30, 2009

Teeth, Paint, Pigeons & Baseball

We have had such a fun and productive summer. While some activities warrant their own post (ie. costumes & trips) the rest can be summed up here. :)

First Tooth GONE!

Joe lost his first tooth Tuesday, June 23. It was the standard pull for our family. What is the standard pull you ask...

That is when the tooth is so wiggly that if you were to look at it wrong it would jump out of the child's mouth, but the child is so nervous about losing their first tooth that they refuse to let your fingers anywhere near their mouth because they just know it's going to hurt terribly. So you, in your sneakiness, ask the child to let you wiggle the tooth...because they all know what a nut their Mom is about wiggling teeth. (Seriously! I love it! Wiggly teeth make me very happy.) And since my children are nice and indulgent, they will inevitably allow me to wiggle their tooth..."But only once!" So then I whip out a Kleenex with the excuse that I don't want to get their saliva all over my hands. As soon as I even start to wiggle the tooth, my goofy kids decide that they've had enough and will pull their heads away...exclaiming that they've changed their mind.

It's pretty funny at this point because they begin ranting about their wiggly tooth and how they are never going to let me wiggle their tooth ever again and trying to shield their mouth from me. It's funny because the tooth that they are trying to shield from me is sitting in the Kleenex in my hand. The kids are always so amazed that it didn't even hurt! Joe was the same. He was so surprised that I had his tooth in my hand and amazing of all, it didn't hurt. Goofy kids!


Rose did not have a wiggly tooth. Her adult canine decided to come in above the baby canine tooth. Resulting in a shark-like appearance. Dental intervention was required. The extraction took about five minutes and split her tooth in two.


It has been a painting frenzy! My sister-in-law just moved to New Zealand and couldn't take some furniture with her. I claimed it for my girls' room. We painted the dresser and nightstand a shade of black. It was quite a project.
Dresser Before

Nightstand Before

Kids painting the dresser drawers

Admiring the paint job

Dad putting on a coat of varnish

Finished Dresser in the girls' room.
Also, note the completed blue paint job. Pretty Schnazy!

In addition to the dresser, I have been painting bedrooms and Hubby painted my outside doors. Hooray!

Welcome to Sarah's Silly House!

Joe's Green Bedroom

BabyCakes yellow room

House painting is almost complete. The only rooms left are my bedroom and bathroom. I have voted to keep the laundry room off-white so then my sewing samples will show better in it. But mostly I voted to not paint it because I am worn out and sick of painting. :)


Just a quick note on the pigeons. After we disposed of the sixth nest, they smartened up slightly. They built their seventh nest on the post that is hidden from the walkway. It only took them seven tries to figure that out. Well, before we disposed of the seventh nest, Hubby was able to shoot one with an air-type BB gun thingy. The pigeon stayed away for two days. Then came back and built on their old post facing the walk. We are still trying to get rid of them. :(

Little League Closing Ceremonies

I already wrote about this, but wanted to include pictures of my kids with their trophies.


Christina said...

Paint jobs looks great! Kiddos look even better!!! That first tooth is always the most fun, isn't it? Sorry about those pesty pigeons. We've been lucky so far but its only a matter of time as our neighborhood is infested.

Brenda said...

It all looks GREAT! Good JOB! I can't wait to see you cabinets! =)

Tina said...

The painting looks great! Thanks for making some time in the middle of all your many projects, to do a project for me :)

Sabra said...

I'm so excited to see you bringing more color into the house!