Sunday, June 21, 2009

Updates...Summer, Pigeons, Baseball, Costumes & Dad

Happy Summer!

Summer is my favorite time of year. I love the sun and the warmth. I love that the days get longer. I feel so much more productive in the summer. The sunshine completely energizes me. Living in Arizona, we have been enjoying summer for several weeks already. However, today is the official start of summer...the Summer Solstice. What a wonderful day!

Persistent Pigeons

I am currently dealing with the most persistent pigeon couple. Before I begin that story, I have a little background information to share. You know that I have been battling pigeons since I moved this little Southwest town. I have successfully booted two pigeon couples and kept countless others at bay using the fire-hose nozzle on my garden hose. Things began to go downhill two months ago.
What happened? What was the catalyst??? I believe that my house has been cursed by the spirits of two dead pigeons. Dead pigeons that died at my house. The first dead pigeon was discovered two months ago by BabyCakes in the front bushes of our house. All that was left of the pigeon was one wing attached to a backbone and about thirty feathers littering the ground. I fortunately got to BabyCakes before he could pick up the carcass. I figure a feral cat must have gotten to the bird. No big deal right. Nothing worthy of a curse. No, the curse came when I rejoiced in the death of the pigeon. When I shouted "Hooray" and did a little dance around the pigeon carcass. *sigh* I should know better than to rejoice in the death of such a vile creature.
I played a greater role in the second pigeon's death. That pigeon entered our lives a week after the carcass was discovered. It was in the morning, after the girls had left for school, that I heard Dash barking madly in the backyard. I ignored Dash, thinking that he was just having an intense conversation with the neighbor's dog. After a few minutes, BabyCakes decided he needed to join in the dog conversation and let himself out into the backyard. Dash was still barking away, but then I heard BabyCakes start shouting and Dash start growling. Uh-oh. I figured they were fighting over a toy again. They are very intense about which toys belong to whom and are not above a fight to obtain "their" toy. Unfortunately, they are both at an age when they assume any and every toy is theirs and theirs alone. So we have many fights and tug of wars.
As I hurried out back to break up the fight, I was surprised to see BabyCakes hunched over a live pigeon with Dash barking madly from the side. It was pretty funny to see. BabyCakes was talking to the pigeon and kept trying to touch it. When his finger got close, the pigeon would scurry away. Now, pigeons are super-slow walkers so seeing one try to "hurry" away from my baby was hilarious. Then I remembered how fast BabyCakes could walk and how filthy pigeons are, so I hurried over to break up the situation. I tried shooing the bird away, but it wouldn't budge. That's nothing new. Pigeons are super lazy about flying. So then I grabbed a stick (yes, a stick) and poked at it. When I jabbed it (yes, I jabbed it), the pigeon flapped its wings, lifted maybe five inches from the ground, then flopped back down again. I wasn't sure if it was too fat to fly or hurt. I didn't care which, I just wanted the thing out of my yard and needed to accomplish the task quickly and without touching the filthy thing. I was just going to chase it out my back fence, but Hubby had padlocked our gates and had the only key with him. So that option was out. On to option two. After much corralling, I trapped the flightless pigeon in a cardboard box, then threw the box over my fence.
I let the thing loose in my front yard and washed my hands of it. I knew an injured bird wouldn't last long in my neighborhood. There are plenty of cats waiting for a pigeon feast. I knew it and I walked away. No Good Samaritan was I. And now the spirit of that pigeon and his carcassed friend are cursing me with the Persistent Pigeon Couple...
This couple took root on my front porch post a week later and have been there since. They built a nest, laid an egg, and I blasted them out with my fire-nozzle. They snuck back in, built a second nest and I didn't notice. I've been busy. When I did notice, Hubby and I blasted the nest out with my fire-nozzle. There were two baby birds in the nest. Hubby took care of them. A week later, they had built a third nest and laid another egg. I blasted it out with my fire-nozzle. By this time I am convinced that the female pigeon is the Fertile Myrtle of all pigeons. During this entire time, I haven't relied solely on my fire-nozzle. I have been chasing them away daily. The Pigeon Couple would fly away and sit on the roof across the street from me. Watching and waiting for me to go inside. They built a fourth nest, laid an egg, and I blasted it out with my fire-nozzle. They built a fifth nest, laid an egg, and I blasted it out with my fire-nozzle. They are currently building their sixth nest. The kids think I should put up a net like our neighbors did. But I will not give in. I could put an end to it easily, if I had good aim. Those pigeons, when not at my house, sit across the street watching and waiting. They're always there. Watching and waiting. It would be so easy to pick them off. And then I would be free. If only I had good aim. Oh yeah! I would also need it to be legal to shoot in a populated area. *sigh*

Baseball Season

Baseball Season is officially over! Closing ceremonies were held last night. Every kid got a trophy. Different sizes for the different divisions. T-Ball (Joe) got a little trophy, Minor-B (Anne) got a medium trophy, and Minor-A (Rose) got a large trophy. The Major kids got very large trophies. It was really cool. We also elected a new Board of Directors for next year. We ended up with the same President and Vice-President, but a different Player Agent, Secretary, and Treasurer. Everyone I voted for won, so I am super-Happy. I am excited for next season. :)


I have two costumes (Steward & Witch's Robe) finished and one left. All I have left to do on the third costume (Snow White) is add trim to the dress and sew the underskirt. It is looking great. I've been quilting so long I had forgotten a few of the basics in seam stressing, but it's all come back to me during this project in spades. My seamstress skills have been greatly enhanced during this endeavor. Hooray! My Young Women Leaders would be so proud that I'm learning and growing and developing skills. ;)

Father's Day

I can't end this post without mentioning the Fathers in my life. I was blessed with a hard-working Dad who always made sure his family was taken care of and knew how to play. I didn't realize how important play was until I started studying child psychology and development. Having fun is an integral part to a healthy mind. How great is that! Thanks Dad for making keeping my mind healthy. :)

I was also blessed with a wonderful Grandpa who always had a word of wisdom for me. Toward the end of his life, he would often repeat himself...not remembering what he had said previously. It bugged some people, but I always took his words and repeated messages to heart. I figured if he had to say it five times to me, it must be pretty important for me to remember and apply in my life. I sure miss that man.

Later in life I was blessed with a great Father-in-law. He obviously did something right because my Hubby has turned out splendidly. When I joined his family, he took me right to heart and has treated me with love and respect always. It's very nice.

Hubby is not my Dad. I am kind of against doing much for him myself for Father's Day. It's the kids' responsibility, with help and encouragement from me, to recognize their Father. (I feel the same about Mother's Day. Hubby isn't supposed to get me anything, just help the kids with their projects. It's worked great in our family and put the focus where it should be...on the kids and their development.) So, going along with that vein of thought, I've asked my kids to say a few words about their Dad.

Joe: "I love my Dad because he helps me have fun and I love when he does fun stuff with me like when he picks me up. That's fun and crazy and I love crazy things."

Anne: "I like all sorts of things about my Dad. I like that he tells stories to me. He's nice, funny, clever, and um...that's it."

Rose: "I like my Dad because he's fun to be around. He's always active. He helps me learn new things. He makes me laugh when I'm sad. I'm glad that he's my Dad."

BabyCakes: Umm...He's not talking much yet. His love his Dad is apparent in his actions and facial expressions. His face lights up and he runs screaming as soon as Hubby walks in the door to clobber the man. It is a funny thing to watch a two-year old tackle a 6' 5" man.

As for me, I am grateful that I'm married to a man who delights in Fatherhood. Who finds great joy in being with his family, with his kids. A man who is excited to spend time with his family, even when we're crazy and bouncing off the walls. I sure do love that Hubby of mine.

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Christina said...

We have lots of pigeons in our neighborhood too and whenever I find a random one in my yard I worry that a full blown invasion is just around the corner. Maybe I should get a fire hose just in case.