Thursday, August 25, 2011


The bike was recovered last night. They brought it to our home about 7:00 pm. Obviously they were able to track down the girl fairly quickly.

Turns out she is 15 years old and attends the same high school as Miss S. The police officer went to the girl's home to talk to her. The bike was out front. The police officer asked the girl's mom about the bike. Mom said the girl said she had found it at a park. And I am wondering:

"Dear Girl's Mom: If you're daughter found a bike at a park, don't you think the owner of the bike is looking for it? Did you really think someone would just abondon such a nice bike?"

Personally, if my kid came home saying they had found a bike, I would do one of two things. 1) Call the police to report that we had found a lost item or 2) Put up flyers around the park to find the owner myself.

So, Mom calls for the girl to come out front. Police officer asks about the bike. Girl says she found it at a park. Officer informs her that he has video showing her stealing the bike from the library.

The police officer told Hubby, Miss S and I this info, along with some more details that I am not including here. The funny thing here is Miss S's reaction. She was a bit flabbergasted that the police officer had not thrown the girl into jail. She kept asking the officer, "What is going to happen to the girl?" She was quite affronted that the girl seems to have gotten completely off for stealing her bike. She felt a bit better when the officer said that after more questioning and a hard look from her mom that the girl started crying. Miss S figures that shows that she is getting into at least a little trouble. Hubby assured Miss S that this is only the beginning of the girl's punishment. She will still have to go to court and will possibly be fined.

Miss S does not think that is good enough. She actually said to the officer, "You really want people like that out walking around? She thought it was okay to steal my bike. She will probably steal again. And you are just going to let her?"

Can I just say, I am really enjoying having Miss S in my home. :)


Christina said...

Glad the bike was recovered, but I hope they scare the crap out of the bike theif. If she is starting her criminal life this early on, who knows what she's capable of when she gets older.

Kimmy said...

Wow, what a story! Glad she got her bike back. Sad to think that young lady thought it was ok to steal a bike and lie to her mother about "finding" it. Geez.