Friday, October 2, 2009

Questions & Answers

Question #1
What did those two pink lines on the t-shirt mean?

Answer: The lines mean I'm pregnant. I thought it was a cute picture and a clever way to announce the pregnancy. The two pink lines mimic a pregnancy test. One pink line is a negative test result, meaning you're not pregnant. Two pink lines is a positive test result, meaning you ARE pregnant. And the gal in the picture is not me. Just some random model in a super cute tee.

Question #2
What did you mean by "Operation: Get Released from Nursery"?

Answer: I was again trying to be clever, but I guess it's more of an inside joke. Sorry about that. Here's the scoop. When I first moved to this ward, I was called to be a nursery worker...the one position that I was crossing my fingers not to get. My BabyCakes had just reached the magic age of 18 months. I wanted to drop his active little rear in nursery and go enjoy Sunday School and Relief Society. When the Bishop called me as a nursery worker (which I immediately accepted and have been diligent and dependable in the calling) , the Primary President felt a little bit bad about it. I laughed and told her that if I really wanted to get out of the calling, I knew how to do it...It would just take me nine months for my plan to come to fruition. No Bishop in their right mind will keep a brand-new Mom in nursery. I personally thought it was hilarious to refer to my pregnancy as "Operation: Get Released from Nursery". I still do. ;)

Question #3
So when is your baby due?

Answer: The baby is due April 21, 2010. I'm currently in my twelfth week of pregnancy. I usually wait a little longer to announce my case something goes wrong. This time, however, I felt it was necessary to tell the kids. I have been super sick for the past eight weeks. My ears have been ringing, my sinuses clogged, nasty gunk dripping down the back of my throat, nauseous and light-headed, and all the other fun stuff that accompanies the first trimester of pregnancy. You know, I hear there are some women who delight in being pregnant. I think those women are crazy!! Anyhoo, I've been sick and my kids noticed. And they just started back to school which means all the lectures on germs. The turning point for me telling the kids early was the day Anne told me that she didn't want to sit by me because she didn't want to catch my germs. Sheesh! Normally, I would have laughed that off. I mean, there's no way she can catch what I have. But in my crazy emotional state, I was very much saddened by her statement. So I told early and now Anne will sit by me.

Question #4
Why are you doing foster care? Do you need the money?

Answer: I'm going to address the second question first. NO. We don't need to money.

Next, Why are we doing it? There are many reasons why we are providing foster care.

1) We believe that every child is a Son or Daughter of God and should be treated as such.

2) We recognize that not all parents know how to parent. Sometimes they need a break from their kids so they can pull themselves together and learn how to parent. Foster care provides that.

3) Not every foster family in the system is a good foster family. They need more families, GOOD, loving, kind, caring, families to help out. And, not to sound arrogant, we are a nice, loving, kind, and caring family. We can provide a safe and loving environment for a child in need.

4) My degree is in Family and Human Development. I seriously considered getting a Master's in Social Work. I had a scholarship in the bag and admittance to the program guaranteed. After really thinking it over, I realized I don't want to be the social worker who pulls children from a home, monitors their parents' progress, watches as parents meet or fail to meet goals that determine whether or not they will be reunited with their children, decides if it's safe for the child to return home and deal with the consequences if their decisions turn out wrong, and so on. Nope. I didn't want to do that. I wanted to be the Momma that, when a social worker pulled the child from their home, would love and care for that child while their parents got better. I would be the Momma who would show them what love, caring, kindness, safety, and security looked like. I would love them and take care of them until their parents could take them back. And Hubby was right on board with me.

One final note about the money. So far, I have received one check for about $500. That check was spent before I even got it. Now, before you get your knickers in a knot...I spent it on Miss Q. I did take her cute little self down to the Orthodontist and got her some braces. An expense not covered by the foster system. I have a monthly payment plan set up to pay off the balance for the braces. Those things are EXPENSIVE!!! The money I receive for the foster child is used for the foster child. Another rarity among foster families.

Question #5
Why was Cakes running around in just his underwear last week?

Answer: Ummm. You kind of just answered that one yourself. The Cakes has been diaper free for two full weeks. The first week, it was just easier to keep him in only underwear. He hasn't quite mastered the pulling up of pants over his round rump. He can do it, but it takes some time. I didn't want him to be hindered by that while potty training, so I opted for undies only. I love having a diaper free house. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that everyone can take care of their own potty needs. I am going to thoroughly enjoy this while I can. :)


Christina said...

I totally got your hints. Hope you start feeling better soon. That's crazy that people would even think you are doing foster care for the money. They obviously don't know what an amazing momma you are. Too bad that aren't more people like you out there.

Sabra said...

So, do we have you until April for nursery? That's still quite a ways away.


Now I am clear on everything... thanks. I even got answers to questions I didn't have! Hope you are feeling better. Who did you choose as your doctor?