Wednesday, August 14, 2019


A few weeks ago, the corner of my lip started to hurt a bit.  I could tell that a cold sore was trying to start.  For my body, the thing that works best to prevent cold sores is Carmex.  It is a great product that has worked reliably for me for many years.  So I went to my bathroom drawer to retrieve my Carmex. It wasn't there. Then I remembered, I had used the last of it a month earlier.  

When I purchase soap, lotion, and lip balm, I typically purchase them in bulk.  I put one out on the bathroom counter or in the bathroom drawer, depending on the item, then put the rest of the items in an overstock container under the bathroom sink.  I checked the overstock container.  No Carmex!  I knew I had purchase at least one other little jar.  I thought and thought about where that back-up jar could be.  Then I remembered.  When "J", a 14-year old young man, had lived with us last year his lips started to develop cold sores.  I had given him my last overstock jar and had failed to purchase a replacement.

I went to my teenage daughter, asking her if she had any Carmex.  Nope.

I went to my teenage son, asking him is he had any Carmex.  Nope.

I would have to drive to the store.  The corner of my lip was starting to have a prickling sensation and I knew I needed to get some anti-cold sore stuff on it quickly.

Then I remembered!

Dad always has Carmex in his top drawer!

So I ran back to my bedroom, went to Jeremy's dresser, and opened the top drawer.  I searched through Jeremy's entire drawer.  There was no Carmex.  I was so disappointed.  I was also confused.  Dad always kept Carmex in his top drawer.  He was never without at least one jar.

And then it dawned on me.

Dad always had Carmex.

Not Jeremy.


As in, MY Dad.  My actual father.

I started laughing at myself.  

I have called Jeremy "Dad" for nineteen years.  He has been "Dad" and I have been "Mom" for almost two decades.  We started calling each other that when we became parents and were teaching our babies what to call us.  But the "Dad" who always had Carmex in his top dresser drawer, that man's name is Dennis. 

A week later, my Dad came to Yuma to visit.  When I told my Dad this story, he laughed and laughed.  He thought it was hilarious.  He also had some sympathy.  He's called his wife, my mother, "Mom" for about four decades now.  They've had a few confusing episodes over the years too.

Such a funny thing.  

My Dad did let me know that he DOES have a jar of Carmex sitting in his top dresser drawer back at his house.  He also told me that he wouldn't have let me use his jar because I have "cooties". Silly man!

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